Traffic Training To Help This Charity

Paul Irvine is running a fantastic charity offer.

I’m not sure if you know this but I lost my 4 year old niece in 2009 to a rare
blood disorder called Pearson’s Syndrome.

Every child that’s ever had dies before the age of 6.

Well my niece’s death wasn’t in vain.

The study of her blood and gene’s has led to a cure for other children that get
this rare disease.

So today a colleague of ours Paul Irvine is running a fantastic charity offer.


We get the most amazing traffic trainings on the planet for a low investment of
And 100% of this investment goes to a charity called the Alder Hay Children’s

They helped try to keep his 11 month old niece alive with a rare heart disorder
she had.

Sadly she didn’t make it.

So this is near and dear to my heart.

I’ve already contributed my $27 and in return I got amazing traffic trainings
from over 15 of the world’s best internet marketers.

I get nothing out of this not one red cent.

And I’m ok with that because 100% of the proceeds goes to Alder Hay Children’s
Hospital and that’s a great thing.

And if you can’t that’s ok just say a prayer for Alder Hay Children’s Hospital
and their staff.

Our combined energy will continue to help every one out.


Anthony Aires

Here is a list of the package:

Total Web Traffic Training Product Package

Commission Trends by Mark Thompson

Link Juice Force by Paul Clifford

Webinar Training with Chris Farell

Presto Publicity by Rachel Rofe

Google Hangout with Brad Gosse

Video Traffic Blaster by Mike Carraway

Niche Traffic Mastery by Sean Mize

Bonus Traffic Training Package

Yahoo Answers Free Traffic Flood by Val Wilson

24 hour Traffic Formula by Mike Cowles

Gnews Profits by Austin Lilley

Sticky Profit Builder by Anton Nadilo

Viral Like Generator & Viral Share by Simon Warner

Marketing Curation Cheat Sheets by Barb Ling

The Traffic Green Light by Justin Popovic

The YouTube Video Marketing Guide by Chris Webb

If you have bought it but wish to donate more,

please visit the donation page here:


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