Rob Actis is the creator of “Video Assassin” local video lead system, and a member of the online marketing community as a whole.

If you haven’t heard the news yet, last Sunday,
his teenage daughter Aidan was rushed to the hospital
with a Blood Clot in her brain.

After emergency surgery she is sedated and stable but still has
a long way to go before she is out of the ICU
and even further before she is out of the woods and
back to her normal everyday life.

Brian Anderson has marshaled support within our
community and has put together a donation site to
help Rob and his family defray the huge medical bills that
are piling up by the minute.

If you would like to help support Rob, Nikky & Aidan
please  watch the short video from Brian.

100% of the proceeds of this sale are going to Rob and
his family, and as a nice bonus you get a bunch of
marketing stuff worth 100 times your donation.
(more stuff is being added as word gets out)

If you can’t donate please consider offering up
your prayers, positive vibes, or whatever it is
that you do in situations like this.

They can use all of the positive energy they can get!

Aidan Mary Actis Fundraiser





Aidan Mary Actis Needs Our Prayers,
And The Actis Family Needs Our Help!
Here’s Your Chance To Get Tons Of
All While Helping The Actis Family In Their Time Of Need



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