Making money online isn’t nearly as simple as many people make it out to be.
There is however a few strategies that have always been rewarding. And one of
the simplest and most prosperous ways is to start up your own affiliate websites.

The key to earning good money is to set up many sites
based on different markets. Below you are going to find all the steps necessary
in order for you to set up your affiliate sites.

To begin with you don’t need to know how to create a website using html or php.
You will start off simply by setting up a blog on your own site. Some of you may
think this is really hard but in reality is is very simple. The first thing you
have got to complete is to obtain a domain and a web hosting account. Then when
you sign in to your c panel you’ll find a program called fantasico, which has
the wordpress software all ready to be installed on your website. As soon as
that is done your ready to begin promoting affiliate products.

Now all you need to do is to find items to promote on your blog where you will
bring in a commission for each sale you make. One place you’ll find these types
of products is though a site known as Clickbank. They have got products that
cover many different markets, you can advertise products like investing or
weight loss. For this specific example we are going to choose the weight loss
marketplace. You will proceed through Clickbanks marketplace and find weight
loss programs that will also provide you with banners that you will be able to
position on your website. And then collect Two or three banners from different
items and add them to your website. Once you have the banners you need to place
two of these banners in the sidebar and if you’re able to, one right under the

At this point we will talk about what you need to do everyday. Each and every
morning you will want to log back into clickbank and select a weight loss
product. Examine the sales page and write a short report on the product based on
information from the website. Afterward you take this review and post it on your
blog. Make sure to incorporate your affiliate link to the item so people can
find the product and hopefully buy it. Also you want your link there so if
anyone buys the program or product you will get the credit for the sale and earn
a commission. Once you have a little practice you can complete this in an hour.

Now you have got to start building backlinks for each post you make. One of the
best and fastest ways to get this done is through the use of social networks.
You just join these sites and place a link aiming back to your blog page. This
will help you to get visitors from the social bookmarking sites themselves as
well as help you get that page indexed and ranked in the major search engines.

That is really all there may to it. You just have one final job, once this site
is making money, start putting
together more sites just like that one but in different niche categories.


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