52 Weeks of Offline Automated Messages PLR

You’ll Be Seen As The Instant ‘Go-To’ Expert In

Your Offline Client’s Eyes, And They’ll Be BEGGING For

Your Services…WITHOUT The Need For Cold Calling

Or Any Kind Of Hard Selling…

52 Weeks of Offline Automated Messages Clik here

Here’s a MUST HAVE resource for anyone doing

any kind of offline marketing with clients

or has plans to…

52 Weeks of Offline Automated Messages Also Come

In A .Zip For Aweber
Users, And ALREADY Include {!firstname_fix}

And {!signature} Tokens, So You’re Ready To Upload And Go!

52 Weeks of Offline Automated Messages Clik here

These autoresponder messages are meant to…

Give prospects enough information so that they:

(A) get a bit confused 🙂

(B) become highly impressed by your knowledge level

(C) blow your competition out of the water because

you are not cold calling and begging for business

(D) make them realize that they are business people

not Internet wizards.

The 52 Offline Messages Desktop Brander

is For Windows Users Only

Each message contains a P.S./soft sell leading to

YOUR website or to a call where you offer solutions for them

with your services!

52 Weeks of Offline Automated Messages Clik here

“Grab 52 Weeks Of Autopilot Marketing Messages

That Capture Red Hot Offline Clients FOR You 24 Hours A Day!”

52 Weeks of Offline Automated Messages Clik here

To help you get off to a super fast start in attracting

new subscribers, I even had this ecover graphic created for
you, complete with PSD file so you can get users signing up

to receive your messages right away, and calling YOU for your services!

. 52 Offline Messages In Editable .TXT Format
52 Offline Messages Desktop Brander Software
. Ecover + PSD Source File To Build Your List

“If you land a SINGLE client using these messages, this may
be the best investment you make all year!”

The Idea Behind This Set Of Messages Is Threefold:

1. To show that you are an expert in your field

2. To keep your name in front of undecided prospects

3. To free up your time for other money-making activities

These messages are between 150 and 300 words in most cases.
They are just long enough to show the prospect

what you know, but leave them hanging a bit. 🙂

In other words, we don’t want to give them a roadmap on

how to do things for themselves, we want them to
call or email us for our services!

You Can Use Any Or All Of The Messages In The
Series That Pertain To Services You Offer…When You

Add More Services, Just Add More Emails To Your

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52 Weeks of Offline Automated Messages Clik here



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