All internet marketers know that if you want a flood of hungry traffic with
their credit cards out, they have to rely on the search engines. One of the
basic criteria for getting ranked in the search engines is to have good, one
way backlinks coming to your site from other relevant sites. If until now you’ve
stayed away from link building, it’s likely you’ve had a hard time ranking
within the search engines for the keywords you’ve decided upon. Given below are
a few link building tips that can help you in acquiring targeted backlinks
without much effort.

One way to get a lot of backlinks is to conduct a contest. This may sound
strange, but it works like a charm. Just ask a few bloggers or webmasters to
comment on your site leaving their anchored backlinks and tell them that you’ll
choose which one wins. Some people give away ipods, but you can offer whatever
you feel they would enjoy. They will jump at the chance because they, too, want
their link on your site. Before you do that, though, you might want to consider
the niche you’ve chosen. You will also enjoy the fact that you will get to
decide on the anchor text that arrives on their sites. However, always be
careful to get those backlinks gradually or else the search engines might think
something’s up and drop you in the serps. You never want to be viewed as someone
who spams with links. You are best able to stay away from this by keeping your
contestants to a minimum and utilizing more than one keyword phrase to target.
Another link building tip that you can take home is to build blogs on free
blogging platforms such as and LiveJournal. It may confuse you as to
why you’re doing this. And how does it help you build backlinks? You could use
those free blogging services to spread your link around. Not only that, but
every time you write for the blog, you can link back to your site using anchor text and your chosen keyword. Not only that,
but the search engines seem to favor these sites and so you’ll gain favor with
them. Don’t try trick anyone with these platforms, but just try to give some
good information with your blogs while getting those backlinks at the same time.
If you are able to get some successful blogs set up, then that’s when the money
will come rolling in.

Finally, but just as effectively, use press releases to gain backlinks. The only
thing that you would have to do is to write press releases, distribute them on
PRWeb and PRWire and witness the growth of your backlinks.

In conclusion, these are easy but efficient tips. Apply them today and
experience great results.

3 Easy Link Building Tips that Get Results


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