GFX Video Writer Video

Just created this simple video to show how easy is to create a video using gfx video writer



 GFX Video Writer

– 7 resolution options, including High Definition
– The ability to mix background music and voice
– Tables capability added to the slide designer for increased layout flexibility
– Background pictures available in HD size
– Progress bar that tracks the production process
– Ability to insert video slides between text/image slides and add voiceover to that video slide while integrating the background music seamlessly

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GFX Video Writer

With GFX Video Writer, you can produce a video ready for
uploading in 10 to 15 minutes, a video that includes text, graphics and audio –
all managed by one simple, low-cost Windows program.


  • Import articles or copy and paste
  • Choose from a variety of fonts, text styles, sizes
    and colors
  • Add headers and footers to individual slides, or the
    entire presentation
  • Insert your own images into slides
  • Choose from a variety of backgrounds, or import your
  • Choose from a variety of slide transitions
  • Choose a display time duration for each slide, or
    choose one default time for the entire presentation
  • Choose from a large variety of included background
  • Record your own voiceover for your video articles
  • One-click video production in normal or high quality
  • Choose from AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, SFW or WMV output


This is the same video with a
and output format




Easily Create Videos from Articles and Text









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GFX Video Writer




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