If you’re struggling to get into any CPA networks, you’re not doing something correctly. If you want to know how to get approved by any CPA, use the tips below.

Before you apply for any CPA network, one of the most important things that you need to have in place is a professional website. One favorite question from networks is to find out whether or not you own a website, or more than one. It would be best if your site was not something really cheap looking operating on a free hosting account with other advertising on it. You will be better received if your site has something to do with business, health, education, or maybe entertainment. Probably one of the hottest themes would be something in the weight loss niche, and if you have good content that would be icing on the cake. Things can still turn out well if you don’t have a website, it’s just better if you do for a lot of reasons. A word of caution about offensive material sites, etc, it’s much better if you don’t tell them about that one. Remember the principle of targeted traffic, and what that means is you only advertise vendor offers on websites/blogs with related content on them. Here’s a tip if you’re website-less: When you apply, let the affiliate manager know that you’re into email marketing and that you have many targeted prospective customers that are ready to receive offers. If you feel bad about saying this, don’t as you can always get in with someone who does have a list and can provide those targeted subscribers. However, if you’re going to tell the manager that you’re into email marketing, be ready to answer questions that pertain to email marketing specifically. So if you’re going to choose this way, then you should do your homework and know the ins and outs of email marketing. But if you’re already well versed on email marketing, you’ll have no problem getting into the CPA network of your choice without having a website. It won’t be that easy, but you’ll see that it pays off before too long.

They may or may not ask you if you for a chat ID such as ICQ or AIM, etc. Also, later on when you’re approved it will be easier for you to talk to them directly when you have to discuss any offers. If it comes to pass, then consider something relevant and respectful for a screen name. You can choose your business name or even a derivative of your own name, etc. No brainer – you must get in before you can join the game and make money with CPA.