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Case Study:
Check Out This Guy’s Video Newsletter (Awesome!)

Hey, it’s Roger and I have something really cool to share with you. A lot of

times people think that making videos that actually bring you money is

hard, but I’m about to show you proof that it can be incredibly easy

(and profitable).




Jason King has been writing dating newsletters in text format for

nearly ten years now. He was one of the first guys on the Internet

selling dating-related materials back in 1998. He’s watched as dozens

of people rushed into the dating market to try and make a name for

themselves, and he noticed one thing about them all.

They’re all producing text-based newsletters! He quickly realized that,

in order to compete and stay ahead of his competitors, he had to adapt.




Jason decided to create a video-based newsletter instead, and his

results have been astounding. He decided that he wanted his readers to

see a living, breathing person behind the website and fancy sales copy.

The result? His blog is getting much more interactivity, and his sales

have increased. Jason explained that he DID invest a little bit of

money into his video newsletter setup. You don’t have to do that in

order to get started in video, but he’s been doing marketing for ten

years, so he chose to invest a few bucks into some equipment.

Here’s the breakdown of what he spent:

– $269 for a Canon ZR930 camcorder

– $200 for a professional light kit

– $169 for a professional lavalier microphone

– $97 for a copy of Sony Vegas Movie Studio

Total amount invested – $735

Does that mean YOU have to spend that much money in order to start

making quality videos? Absolutely not! Jason has been doing marketing

for a long time now, and didn’t mind investing a little extra money on

his setup.




Could you produce a video newsletter too? It’s really easy when you use

the tools I give you in the Quick Video Marketing home study course.

And the best part is that you can gain instant access to all the

materials after you register.

Go ahead and check out the Quick Video Marketing now, and I’ll show you

how you can start your very own video newsletter for a lot less money

than you’d ever think. Here’s the link:

Quick Video Marketing now… Click here!

Here’s Proof That You Know Enough To Make Great Videos

Hey, it’s Roger here with a quick video marketing lesson for you. One of the most

common concerns people have when they think about using the video in

their marketing is this that they don’t think they know enough about

anything to make a good video. If you’re in a hurry and want to learn

how you can make killer videos for your business… videos that will

increase your income, then

check out the Quick Video Marketing now… Click here!




In today’s lesson, I’ve got a simple, interactive exercise that will

prove to you once and for all that you’ve got enough knowledge in your

head right now to start making videos.

Here’s how this works: Simply take a few minutes and answer each of the

following questions.

QUESTION #1 – What are three things that you know more about than most

of your friends?

Maybe it’s bowling, dog training, organizing your kitchen, making

sales, getting bigger tips as a bartender. No matter who you are, there

are things that you know more about than the average person. Write them

down now.

QUESTION #2 – What are three challenges you’ve overcome in your life?

Maybe you have a aunt who showed you a simple, natural cure for poison

ivy. Maybe you discovered how to make an extra $200 a month without

doing any extra work. Maybe you were heavy once and figured out how to

lose weight without dieting. Whatever it is, write it down.

QUESTION #3 – What are three problems you know how to solve?

Do you know a simple fix that will keep your vegetables from spoiling?

Perhaps you figured out a simple secret for buying clothes at

less-than-retail prices in order to save money. Do you know how to make

cats stop peeing on the carpet? All those solutions are worth money!

Write them down. Let me show you how to turn these answers into cash

using the Quick Video Marketing methodology.

Check out my entire system
risk-free … Click here!




When you do the exercise above, you will discover that you actually DO

know enough to start making videos right now. All you need is some high

quality training on how to make those videos using simple equipment in

your home.

You also need to know how to make those videos for little or no cost.

My friend, Jeff “Herschy” Schwerdt, can show you how to do all that and

more in the Quick Video Marketing online training course. It contains

everything he knows (and this guy knows his stuff!) about creating the

kind of cash-producing video content that will impress your readers and

make you money.

Go ahead and check out Herschy’s story and what you’ll learn in the

training course right now, and see what all the fuss is about.

Here’s the URL:

How To Use Video To Get More Clients For Your Service

Hey, it’s Roger here.

If you run any kind of service business, then you’re going to love

today’s lesson. Why? Because I’m going to teach you how you can get

more clients with less effort using the power of Quick Video Marketing.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a chiropractor, dentist, web designer

or success coach… if you provide a valuable service to your clients,

I can show you how to get more of them by using the power of simple

videos that you can easily make from your home or office. If you’re in

a hurry and want to just check out the website I’m talking about

visit this URL:… Click here!




Let’s say you’re a success coach. There are so many coaches out there

who have very basic websites that were built from a template. Most of

those sites say the same exact thing, which means that there’s a huge

opportunity for you to stand out.

If a potential client is trying to decide between two coaches with

relatively similar credentials, he or she is going to choose the one

that they feel the most comfortable with. Nothing will warm a client up

to you like having personalized video tips that improve the quality of

their lives right away.

Also, even if you just have a short, simple video welcoming them to

your site, that’s going carry a lot more weight than just a sales pitch

in text format. Let me show you how to create a fantastic bunch of

videos for your website so you can turn more prospects into clients.

Check out the Quick Video Marketing system here:




The same goes if you’re trying to choose a dentist. I don’t know about

you, but I get really nervous about choosing a new dentist. I want to

make sure I choose the absolute best dentist I can get, because hey…

this is my teeth we’re talking about here.

If I go to a dentist’s website and it’s built from a template and has

the same generic information that every other site has, I’m going to

keep looking. But if I encounter a site that has a welcome video with

the dentist himself saying hello to me, you can bet that I’m going to

read every word of that site and give him special consideration.




As someone who has an interest in marketing, you probably understand

the importance of a good testimonial. But did you know that, as a

service professional, having video testimonials can dramatically

increase your business?

Here’s how you can get them with relative ease. Go and purchase an

inexpensive camcorder like the Flip Video Camcorder (it’s under $200)

and keep it in the office. From now on, when a client comes in to work

with you, ask them if they’d consider giving a quick interview about

the service with your receptionist.

Then, just have your receptionist conduct a brief interview with them

and capture it all on video. If you don’t have an office that clients

come and visit, you can bring the camera with you on the road as you

travel to visit clients at their homes or offices. Creating video

testimonials is easy once you know all the tips, tricks, and shortcuts

that I teach in the Quick Video Marketing system.

Check it out here:




Whatever service business you’re in, you can get many more clients by

adding video to your overall marketing plan. Whether you use it to

create content (such as a tip of the month newsletter), record a

welcome video for your home page, or to get client testimonials on

video, I can show you how to get the best results from your video

marketing efforts.

And the best part? You don’t need to have any experience with creating

video in order to use this system. Go ahead and give the Quick Video

Marketing system a try. These guys are so confident that they can help

you get more clients that they’re willing to guarantee it.

If you use this system and you don’t get more clients, they’ll refund

entire purchase price immediately. And that

means you’ll have seen everything for free! Don’t you wish other

businesses treated you like this…

So go ahead and check out the Quick Video Marketing system today, and

see what all the fuss is about.

Here’s the URL one last time:


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