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$100,000 Cheque from Clickbank Just Came!!

I just spoke to one of my buddies that worked at McDonald’s

a couple of years ago, he just showed me an INSANE video

which showed him getting a cheque from Clickbank for a

$100,000! (as a result of just selling one stupid digital

product on the internet!!)



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He went on to tell me that he only spent a few thousand

dollars on creating the product, and then went on to sell

over 15,000+ copies and became Clickbank #1 bestseller!

The knockout punch was that he grossed in over

$1 million dollars in sales in just a few months..

yes that’s right, 1 MILLION DOLLARS!

The only problem with creating your own digital products

is that it takes a HUGE amount of time to create, write,

and design one..

..and unless your a JACK OF ALL TRADES, it’s quickly

going to become a MEGA energy drainer, dragging you down

into a pit of total burnout… (when you could be playing

Call of Duty on your Playstation 3 or watching useless

videos on Youtube!)

IF ONLY there was a way to get someone to do the all

the hard work of creating products for people like me

and you?…


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These guys, Adeel Chowdhry and Bobby Walker, have

just announced the super exclusive “PLR Gold Member”

to the world and it contains, ‘A Full Blown PRIVATE

LABEL RIGHTS Business Handed To You EVERY MONTH on

A Plate So You Can Start Generating PASSIVE Income!

* Limited copies are being released ONLY…

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* 50+ page eBook/Videos on a hot topic

* Ready made sales page

* Ready made download page

* Ready made affiliate page

* 5 sexy affiliate banners

* 5 unique articles

* Hot graphics and eCovers

* Full document and graphic source files

All this will be available for YOU to TAKE and

stick your name on, and then sell – and keep

100% of the money that you make.. yes, it’s all

yours 🙂

you see,

they spend over $10,000 per month outsourcing

work… so YOU DON’T HAVE TO.

Not only do they provide you with the FULL product,

they provide you each month with a NEW 50+ Page

Digital eBook in Doc and PDF format which has a REAL

value of $1,000.

A professionally designed squeeze page and also

report to help build you a huge list which you can

market to FOREVER;

“this means Profits on DEMAND!!”

Give the short report away for free, include them in

giveaway events, or even distribute them in forums

– so that you can get leads and then funnel them into

your main offer!

Now I didn’t mention to you the FULL Ready made website,

with professional sales copy, download page and even an

affiliate page that you also get. You will also get

professionally designed graphics and banners (including

the source files).

Plus, to top it all off they are throwing in 5 articles

so you can distribute content to get juicy backlinks and

traffic and promote your product all over the net!

Now just give this a thought, this is a complete NO BRAINER..

You NO LONGER have to waste time and money, researching

profitable niches, creating niche websites, ebooks, writing

articles.. (they’ll even upload your new PLR site for you..


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It’s so good it’s almost scary!

Just watch the video to see Adeel and Bobby’s Clickbank

PROOF, they seriously aren’t joking when they show you..

* $390,143.95 in 3 months!

* $88,757.71 in 15 days!

* $134,864.52 in 90 days!

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Anyway, who in their right mind would refuse a

PLUG ‘N’ PLAY BUSINESS? Not me that’s for sure


and as if you didn’t know that already..

To your success,


P.S. PLR Gold Member is LIMITED to a few number of

people before the site is taken down. Adeel & Bobby

don’t want to be irresponsible and saturate the market

with too many users hence the limited qty.


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The price is going to DOUBLE on JAN 19th..

**this is not a scarcity tactic, it really is going to DOUBLE**

It’s your only chance to finally have a business you can call

your own.. without all the headaches involved…

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$100,000 Cheque from Clickbank Just Came!!

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