Has Twitter Fallen Out of Favor Already?


Shortly after Oprah signed up for Twitter everyone was singing Twitter’s praises. But lately news stories are focusing on how Twitter users are just tire kickers and leaving a short while after signing up.


Is it true? Has Twitter lost its marketing power for entrepreneurs already?


Your Twitter Opportunity


YOUR NAME of Twitter Money Tree says, “Twitter’s growing pains are a good thing. If you’re using Twitter for business purposes Twitter is still the most powerful social media channel and it’s going to be even better now that the people who didn’t take it seriously are leaving.”


Twitter may have been fun up until now but it’s time to start using new strategies and start making real money from Twitter.


How You Need to use Twitter Differently Now


Gone are the days when you could put spam in an introductory Direct Message or clog your tweet stream with self-promotions. People are jaded to that now and you have to start using Twitter differently. 


You now need to focus on having actual conversations and communicating with real people.


YOUR NAME of Twitter Money Tree has a Twitter system that will show you how to use Twitter the right way to both improve your social interactions on Twitter and increase your business’ profits.


Here’s what you’ll learn from Twitter Money Tree:


*How to sign up for Twitter and choose the right username.


* 5 free tools that will add thousands of Twitter followers to your account per day with just a few clicks.


* Which little-known Twitter rule you must follow to the letter so you don’t get banned.


* How to auto-follow your followers and unfollow those who unfollow you.


* A directory where you can add your profile and maximize your exposure and find new followers.


* Where to find the top Twitter users and which ones you should follow.


* Why you need to unfollow people who unfollow you and how to do so automatically.


* How to create a private Twitter page that only your team members or membership site members will see.


* How to save all your passwords if you have multiple Twitter accounts.


* Plus much more.


Best of all, these principles can apply to all social networking sites.


Rogerbeta from Twitter Money Tree is making this program available for a limited time. Visit for further information



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