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 Free Classifieds

– Forums – Discussion Boards – Internet Marketing Forums – Paid Traffic –  Media Buys

Hundred of sites that you can place free classified ads on.

Check terms and service of each site will help you to get the best use out of
each site.

Spamming, or routinely breaking the rules of each site can get your
IP address blocked or worse.

If you are selling items, or promoting any type of affiliate offers it’s helpful to use a
different tracking code or a unique link of each site you advertise on so you can find
out which places are worth your time and money.

Always, always TRACK, so you can do split testing to get the winner ads and best resources.





Special Interest Classifieds:

Specific Area Classifieds:

Arizona Classifieds


Over 100 different marketing related forums that you can use to
communicate with others, drive traffic, find joint venture partners and service providers,
provide your services or just get answers to any pressing questions you may have.

Please respect the owners of each forum and don’t spam the hell out of them. You’ll
make a lot more money by providing value, helping others and genuinely caring
about the people you meet and interact with online. – Aaron’s Forum – ABAKUS SEM Forum – ABlake Forum – – Affiliates Directory Forum – Affiliates4U Forum – Alice Seba’s Internet Based Moms Forum – Allan Gardyne’s Associate Programs Forum – Ask Marketing Experts Forum – Auction Bytes – Auction Hints – Best Practices Search Engine Marketing Forum – Big Boards Forum – Bizy Moms Forum – Brad Larned’s Affiliate Talk Forum – Bryan Hall’s Success Network Forum – Build To Learn Community – Business Know How Forum – Business Owners Idea – Business Success Resources Forum – Business Talk Forum – Captkirk’s Internet Marketing Forum – ClickBank Success Forum – Conquer Your Niche Viral Forum – Cre8site Forum – David Frey’s Small Business Marketing Forum – Design Outpost Forum – Dien Rice’s Seeds Of Wisdom Forum – eDEVcafe Forum – Express Marketing Forum – Ezine Articles Forum – Find Your Forum – Forums Info – GeekTalk Forum – High Rankings Forum – Home Business Online Forum – Homeworking Forum – How To Marketing Forum – Internet Forums – Internet Marketing Forums dot NET – Jan Tallent-Dandridge’s Newbies911 Forum – Jim Daniel’s Cybermarketing Infoboard – Jim Wilson’s Search Engine Marketing Forums – John Reese’s Marketing Secrets Forum – John Scott’s V7n Webmasters Forum – JR Publicity Community – Ken Silver’s Ebook How To Forum – Kevin Robb’s e-Business Formula Discussion Forum – Klaus Dahl’s Forum – Lesley Fountain’s Friends In Business Forum – Lil Engine SEO Forums – LockerGnome Online Business Forum – Louis Allport’s Info-Profits Talk Forum – Lynn Terry’s Self-Starters Weekly Tips Forum – Mark Hendricks Inner Circle Marketing Forum – Mark Joyner Forum – MarketingProfs – Know-How Exchange Forum – Merle’s Mission Discussion Board – Michael Fortin’s Success Doctor Forum – Michael Rasmussen’s Free Advertising Forum – Michel Fortin’s Copywriters Board – Mike Filsaime’s Marketing Forum – Mike Rodman’s Marketing Forum – Mike’s Marketing Tools – Mothers Work at Home Forum – My Own Business Forum – MyMommyBiz Community Forum – Net Business Talk – Net Marketing Forum – Net Marketing Forum – Net Talk Forum – Online Auction Users Assoc. Forum – Our Biz Cafe – OutFront Webmaster Forum – OX1.Biz U.K. Business Forum – Ozzu Webmaster Forum – PlanetPDF Forum – Power Home Biz Forum – Profit CC Forum – PromoJunkie Website Promotion Forum – RevBoard Forum – Rosalind Gardner’s Net Profits Today Forum – Ryze Business Networking Discussion Boards – SearchEngineWatch Forum – SEO Chat Forums – SEO Forum – SEO Guy Forum – SEO Guy Forum – SEO News Forum – Shawn Collins’ Affiliate Manager Forum – Sid Hale’s iMarketing INsites Forum – Siteowners Webmaster Forums – SitePoint Forum – Small Business Computing Forum – Small Business Forum – Small Business Forum – Small Business Forums – Small Business Ideas Forum – Spider Food SEO Forum – Steve MacLellan’s Home

Business Web Sites Forum – Sticky Sauce Forums – Submit Express Search Engine Forums – SuccessVibe Success Forum – Sunil Tanna’s EBookFriends Forum – Teneric Business Forum – The Entrepreneur’s Home Business Link Discussion Board – The JoeShmo200 Internet Marketing Forum – The Newbie Club Forum (free membership) – The Webmaster Forums – The Work At Home Forum – Timothy L. Drobnick Sr.’s Internet Marketing Forum – Top25Web SEO Forum – Topica – The Leader in Email Discussion Lists – Tutorial Forums – UK Net Marketing Forum – Victory Key Internet Marketing Forum – WAHM (Work At Home Moms) Forum – Warrior Forum – Web Design Forums – Web Design Talk – Web Developers Forum – Web Host Directory Forum – Web Host Directory Forums – Web Workshop Forum – Web-Mastery Forum – WebDevelopers Forum – Webmaster Forum – Webmaster Key Forum – Webmaster Site Forum – Webmaster World Forum – Webmaster-Talk Forum – WebProWorld Forum – WebXperts Community Forums – Why Do Work Forum – Work At Home Business Forum – Work At Home Network Discussion Forum – Work At Home Success Business Forum – World Internet Summit Forum – Yahoo Groups

Paid Traffic

DOCLIX: Premium Cost-Per-Click Ad Network – self serve ppc contextual inline text ads
Réseau Sélect: maison de représentation publicitaire nationale – banner
and offline targetted at quebec

Blog advertising makes opinions – – banners/text ads on high traffic blog

Online Advertising, Pay Per Click Advertising, Banner Advertising, Video
Advertising, Text Advertising, Peel Away Advertising, Affiliate Program @
AdToll – Your Tollgate to Web Traffic – self serve banners etc, similar to adbrite – ppv type ads on parked url’s – cheap
Media Traffic – CPV PPV Contextual Advertising – ppv ads

Casale Media  Home – self serve banners
Hello WidgetBucks publishers, please sign in below – self serve text/
widget ads

Tribal Fusion – media buy banner network

AdClickMedia Advertising Network – Pay Per Click Advertising, online text
advertising, banner advertising, and Interstitial advertising. – self serve
banners and contextual widgets

Online Advertising Network | Ad Network – premium banner ad networ
Pay Per Click Advertising for Websites by Kontera – In Text Advertising
Solutions – inline contextual text ads
Retargeting and Display Advertising Campaigns | AdRoll – self serve

PubMatic – ad network

BidVertiser – Pay Per Click Advertising On Sites Of Your Choice. –
contextual and banner ads

CPMStar – The Online Network Devoted To Gamers – banners display
aimed at gaming sites only

AdEngage – Engaging Internet Advertising – banners/text, similar to
adbrite, allow weekly buys | Search, Shop and Compare – text ads

Technorati Media: Technorati enables brands to engage with social media
at scale. Whether your goals are branding, engagement, response or
something in between, we can: – banners

Chitika, Inc. – Ads for the right user, right time, right place – search related
contextual display ads

MediaWhiz – Demand More From Your Marketing Spend – banners/
display, media buys

Welcome to CPX – banners/display, media buys
Online Contextual Advertising and Behavioral Marketing Services –
banners – display/benners, media buys

interCLICK – banners, high volume media buys
Run of Network campaigns: Enhanced Geo-Targeting – AdToll Blog –
Online Advertising, Pay Per Click Advertising, Banner Advertising, Video
Advertising, Text Advertising, Blog – banners/display/text ads, adbrite
clone, cheap

ValueClick Media – The Pure Performance Advertising Network – banners,
display/media buys – you already know about this…

AOL Advertising – variety of solutions on AOL inventory – search and content text/contextual ads – search/content contextual ads

Connect with targeted users on MIVA?s Ad Network | – cheap
search ads
Home – Specific Media – banners/video display, media buys

Canoe Klix – text ads on the network

Undertone – Online Ad Network for Brand Awareness & Direct Response –
premium banners/display/media buys

7Search | Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertising Network – cheap
search/direct domain ads

The Microsoft Media Network – microsoft banner display/media buys
AdBrite: The Internet’s Ad Marketplace – display/contextual ads

Select Country – Adconion Media Group – video/banner ads, media buys – self serve banners on myspace

Advertising | Facebook – self serve ads on failbook

Free Online Dating at – coming soon self serve ads
Home | Collective | The Audience Engine? – media buys, banners/display
Online Advertising | – self serve banners on a range of
design blogs
Twitter Advertising : Sponsored Tweets – sponsored twitter posts – In-Stream Advertising – more twitter ads

Trafficvance :: Advanced Display & Text Link Traffic | Home – good ppv ad
Advertisers – Tatto Media Advertising Made Simple – banners/display/
media buys

AOL Advertising aol banner ad/media buy network – display ads/self serve banners on yahoo sites – text ads on high traffic US site

Adblade – Online Advertising and Monetization Services – self serve
display ads, very good service

Ad Exchange | ADSDAQ – banners/media buying exchange
TRAFFIQ ? Digital Media. Smarter. – self serve banners, media buy type
Your ad space should earn more… Now, it can. | OpenX – banner
exchange on open x ad network provides the tools to help search marketers keep growing –
media buying search/display exchange

MIVA AK, Inc. – search/contextual on parked pages. ****.
isocket – Welcome! – closed beta, but will be banner/display ads

Right Media – self serve banner exchange

Etology – Advertising 2.0 – banners/text ads, cheap

Pulse 360 – The Leader in Content Targeted Sponsored Links on the Web’s

Best Sites – ads on good high traffic inventory – self serve banners, owned by AOL
Advertising | Hop on and go! – cheaper search and
contextual – re-targeted ads at search traffic – App Advertising Marketplace – farcebook apps ads,
display – failbook app ads, display
Online Advertising Network for Display and Performance Advertising –
banners/display/media buys

Virtual Currency | Virtual Currency Monetization | Social Media
Monetization – socialmedia app ads – social media advertising for media buyers

Ad Chap Blog – Social Advertising – ads on various social sites, hi5,
facebook, bebo et : Social Network Advertising Platform – social media ads – Performance Based Online Advertising Network ||

Main || USA – cheap ads, slow approvals – social media display ads – ads on facebook fan pages

Zohark – Connecting Customers, Not Just Clicks – facebook app ads

XTEND – We Understand Online Media. We Understand You. – banner/
display media buys – cpm banners on good inventory of

Create a campaign – Adperium Direct Ads – display banners, self serve,
similar to adbrite

DSNR Media Group – Result Based Online and Mobile Advertising –
display banners, media buys, large inventory

Megaclick: Internet Advertising 2.0

Adoori – Reinvent Your Advertising.

ZEDO Ad Server – ZEDO Ad Serving Advertising Technology Partner for

Adblade – Online Advertising and Monetization Services

Print Advertising in Print Media – Newspaper Advertising – Magazine

Advertising – Per-Inquiry Print Advertising |

Digital Media – Ad Serving and Search Marketing Technology – 24/7 Real

Audience Targeting, Audience Targeting Advertising, Behavioural Targeting,

Audience Targeting Companies : AudienceScience

Online Advertising Network for Display and Performance Advertising
Home | Collective | The Audience Engine?

Contextual Advertising | ADSDAQ | ContextWeb

Intercept – Marketing and Media Services

IceWaterMain – PTC: Get Paid To Click

Cold Traffic Blackbook Uncensored Mastermind – Get 1000 Visitors For $2

Free Classifieds – Forums – Discussion Boards – Internet Marketing Forums – Paid Traffic –  Media Buys

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