Rebel Mouse Is the Social Media Aggregator We’ve All Been Waiting For.

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Are they trying to solve a huge problem? Absolutely. We all have way too many feeds, and anyone with half a life doesn’t sit there all day watching them. You miss stuff, and you have no idea if you missed good stuff or just more self-promotional Re tweets and Likes.

Do any of them solve it? Absolutely not. Because they all take the approach of taking your feeds and slapping algorithms on it and just giving you another mega feed. Put another way, they take a Silicon Valley approach to a problem the Valley itself created.

Rebel Mouse takes a very New York approach, which is to say it’s rooted in what works about media.

“People would always say to me, ‘Help me do this,’” he says. “The answer was always, ‘This is really hard, and you have to find someone really good, and I don’t really know anybody, because I’ve hired them all.’ Underneath it all was a realization that there was so much work I’d done with Twitter and Facebook integration at Huffington Post. I was in a unique position. I clearly saw how to solve everyone’s problem without having to make them programmers.”

We’re only in step one of Rebel Mouse now, and it’s still by invite only. (Request an invite here. Seriously, do it.) Once you get accepted, this is all you do. You link Rebel Mouse to your Twitter account and Facebook account and pick your vanity URL. That’s it.

Your page is transformed into a gorgeous mirror of your life on social media instantly. It’s sorted into “stories,” your Tweets are like headlines and the bulk of the “story” is the image. That makes it imminently consumable. It’s also not overrun, which is a minor miracle given the insane volume of things I Like and Post and Tweet everyday. It’s like my life splashed up on The Verge’s homepage. And somehow all of the curated bits are eerily relevant.

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