I wrote yesterday about Facebook depracating FBML
and we can

no longer use FBML to build our fan pages. That also
means all our existing
fan page templates and codes are going to be obsolete.
Luckily, I found

FBMaxed.com. They
were reported in CNBC to be one of

the best trainings and sources for the new FB iFrame
templates. That means,
we can instantly deploy the templates and replace our
existing fan pages!
Click to Read CNBC News Here:


By the way, if you do not have a fan page yet, it is time
to start building one.
Facebook is the way to go, I am using facebook to
generate a lot of traffic already!
CNBC’s reporting and mentioning of FBMaxed speaks
incredibly for FBMaxed!
It makes me feel safe! I am in, are you?