The Internet is growing at warp speed and it will continue to do so. If you want to make your place on the World Wide Web then you will have to be fast in every possible way. And this can only be achieved when you start using third party resources, such as Squidoo, to gain targeted exposure. The reason you’re reading this article is because you want to know what it takes to promote your Squidoo lens properly, and that’s exactly what you’ll be learning. Given below are 4 unique tips to help you start getting targeted visitors to your lens in the most effective manner.

Optimizing your lens for the search engines is one of the most effective methods when it comes to Squidoo. Due to the fact that Squidoo is an authority site, this will allow you to gain high rankings for your lens. But in order to make that happen, you’ll have to optimize your lenses the right way and make the most of your Squidoo power with the search engines. The most efficient way to achieve this is by including keywords in your title and utilizing the same keywords in your content. But besides that, an important tip that many forget is that they don’t make use of the tags that you can add up to your lens. You can include up to forty tags for every lens you own. You can go ahead and have ten to twenty of them to enhance your SEO efforts. Search engines love tags mainly because it helps them identify the content and navigate through it. You can improve the rankings of your lenses in the search engine page results this way. The tags you use need to be original, as your content should be, and they also need to include both single keywords and phrases. And don’t forget to enable to the “contact me” button through your Squidoo profile. This way people can contact you without you having to reveal your email address once the traffic starts coming in.

Don’t forget to use the keyword you’re trying to promote as part of the title of the lens. This is a must if you want your lens to have a decent search engine page rank for that particular keyword. Let’s say you want surfers to be able to find the lens you’ve made on “dog training tips,” that exact phrase must be in the title for that to happen. Search engines weigh titles heavily in their assessments of what the lens is actually about. This also lets you get the proper search engine attention in your niche; it’s one of the easiest ways to do that.

Last but not the least; you need to make sure that all the content on your lens is original and hasn’t been published anywhere on the web. Even if you are resorting to articles you already have, make sure to rewrite them until they are original. Search engines rank sites with original content better and don’t like duplicate content. Therefore, ensuring the uniqueness of your content is critical.

Put these tips to work so you can have more targeted traffic to your Squidoo lens. Generate traffic today with these tips but lay the foundation for more traffic to your lens down the line with these tips. Once your lens is ranked in the search engines you simply need to work to maintain the rank you’ve earned. What’s the hold up? Go ahead and take action! When you invest a great deal of time working to make your lens grow, you’ll enjoy an excellent return on that investment.


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