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Automatically Translate Your Website into 42 Different Languages

How Incansoft Translation Software Works For You

The Incansoft Translation Software is a script that runs on your websites and fully
integrates with your web pages to allow your visitors to view your content in
their native language. At present, the Translator can translate to and from 42
language pairs with a reasonable degree of accuracy.



It’s important to note that this script is actually a "Wrapper" function for the
Google Languages Tools. What it does is to provide a script to automate the
translation process for your visitors, so they needn’t leave your site. When a
visitor clicks a Flag or a link, that web page is transmitted to Google,
translated and then cached locally on your server in a MySQL Database. The newly
translated page is displayed to the visitor with all links actively pointing
back to your other pages

Incansoft Translation Software Features

* Automatic MySQL Caching
* 42 Supported Languages
* Translate To/From Supported Languages
* Includes PNG World Flags Icon Set
* Easily Integrates With Web Pages, Blogs and CMS


This script makes it easy for your visitors to view your content in their
native language, which creates "Stickiness" for them to return again and again.
Additionally, by using translated pages, you actually add to your existing
content by a factor of 41 (assuming you are translating from one of the
languages supported).

This is the same video with a
and output format



Incansoft Translation Software Benefits



More Satisfied Visitors. More Web Pages Indexed. Better Search Engine Presence.
One of the key benefits of the Incansoft Translator is that your sites get
indexed in all of the supported languages. This means that not only do they end
up in the search engines, but also in the country specific search engine as
well. That kind of presence automatically pulls in more and more traffic!


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