60 Minute Lifestyle Secret #1: Understand that time management, is really life management. As Peter Drucker said, “You cannot manage time; you can only manage yourself.

60 Minute Lifestyle Secret #2: You cannot save time. You can only spend it differently. Reallocation of time from non-revenue generating activities to activities of your highest value is an absolute must.

60 Minute Lifestyle Secret #3: The quality of your time management determines the quality of your life.

60 Minute Lifestyle Secret #4: You will NEVER get caught up. There will ALWAYS be something more to do.

60 Minute Lifestyle Secret #5: Individuals who concentrate on activities that have no potential significance to their life or work will always be shackled to mediocrity.

60 Minute Lifestyle Secret #6: There are only 4 ways to change your life. You can do completely new things, more of certain things, less of certain things or stop doing altogether.

60 Minute Lifestyle Secret #7: No one is smarter or better than you. All things being equal, people more well off than you have just figured out the right things to do, in the right way, and are doing them over and over again.

If you implement any of these 7 secrets that I’ve just outlined, you WILL be able to achieve a lot more, doing less.

from Jo Han Mok’s http://internetmillionairecode.com/60-minute-lifestyle/my-60-minute-lifestyle-secrets/


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