“Yes, I was in this 400 strong audience, and as you can see at the end of the 4 days
 we were celebrating our new found freedom. Why not you too?”

“If you look closely at this photo above,
I am in the audience. For 4 life-changing days
I was glued to my seat, madly writing down
one money-making idea after another.
By the end of it I had the success blueprint to
my own $100K a year internet business.
Wouldn’t you like the same? If so, here’s how
(in fact you have nothing to lose)…”


Dear Friend,
Please read EVERY word of this letter (if you’d like your own online business, it’s critical that you do)

If you've ever wanted an unfair advantage in making US$100,000 in the next 12 months, then let me send you the full DVD recordings of 4 days that literally changed the direction of my financial life forever. And you risk NOTHING.

 Put simply, I was given a virtual “license to print money” and so will you too when you discover the secrets I’m about to tell you.

When I walked out I was loaded to the gills with product creation ideas… search engine optimisation strategies … traffic generation tactics … website building secrets … copywriting techniques and more.

The best part? It was all made dead simple because the experts explained it in everyday English that even a child could understand. Meaning I could make money immediately.

I’ve been to many other seminars (and maybe you have too) – but THIS is the stuff no-one else tells you. And that’s why I’m even allowing you to get your hands on it.

Look at me - I’m now selling stuff online! Why not you too?

We were given so many strategies that it doesn’t matter how many people discover this program, there is still enough profits to be made by everyone.

There are literally TOO many niche markets to explore …. TOO many products than can be created and sold… and TOO much money being left on the table.

Let me make you a promise:


You can be a successful Internet entrepreneur
who lives the "Internet Dream", generating
$$$ at the flip of a switch, even while you sleep.

You won't even have to give up your day job to create cash flow on auto-pilot. The simple software that is demonstrated in this program will do 80% of the work for you. By working SMART, you can start our own business from home without anyone else even knowing about it.

Wouldn’t it be great to one day leave your job because your part time online business is generating more cash than your full-time occupation?  It happened to many of the experts featured in this program.  And it may happen to you if you learn and apply the supercharged success secrets too.

It just makes sense because once you have the world's best experts on your TV there to teach you their secrets you too could …

Generate up to $34,000 in just 72 hours –
from scratch, with NO product and NO website
just like World Internet Summit has proven over and over with absolute beginners!  


Simon - $32,130 in 72 HOURS  


Steinar - $34,866 in 72 HOURS  

Michael - $32,346 in 72 HOURS

  …and Krissy - $28,340 in 72 HOURS

  These absolute beginners were shown LIVE on stage how to build a business
from scratch, then the organisers gave them the profits!

Imagine... being able to generate money like this online,
at the touch of a button.

Imagine that you have a system that allows you to operate your business from virtually anywhere in the world. 

 Imagine a system that automates your business so you can walk away, go on a vacation or business trip... and money rolls in even while you're gone.

Is it possible? You bet it is. And I found out how to do it personally.

You can do it too - even if you're clueless about computers and technology.

Now it's your turn to experience the
complete DVD recordings that will
expand your mind … and your bank account.


Imagine knowing exactly the direction you are going to go in. And knowing how you’re going to do it.

Even knowing how much money you’re going to make. Imagine having the guidance of the world’s best experts on tap so that you can watch their presentations over and over again. So that YOU know exactly why and how it’s going to work.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Imagine... 17 DVDs that give you that boost of power you need for your own online business.

But first, what is World Internet Summit
and who is behind it?

World Internet Summit was the first event to bring the world's best internet experts TO the masses. Having appeared in 14 different countries this was their 25th training event.

Its creators, Tom Hua and Brett McFall are among the most successful internet marketers online today. In fact, here's a brief introduction of who they are...       

Tom Hua               

A product-creation expert, Tom Hua moved from China to Australia with just $100 to his name. Yet inside just a few short years Tom was able to use the internet to become a self-made multi-millionaire.

Before most of the renowned experts today had even worked out how to make $1 online, Tom created the ebook reseller web site model of which his is still the biggest of its kind today. One of the true pioneers in the internet marketing industry, a search for Tom Hua's name on Google, now brings up over 1,000,000 websites.

His amazing global internet businesses generate over $1.8 million per year. And every week via his e-newsletter he shares his unique strategies, proven by his own hands-on experience, for building personal wealth by leveraging the power of the Internet.


Brett McFall          


A marketing expert from Australia, Brett McFall has written over 10,000 sales messages in the past 18 years for 153 different industries. He's an expert in making your website sell ... no matter what product or service, and will show you some of his most profitable techniques that you can use right away. Techniques that he's used to make $30,000 in a single weekend... $65,000 in 3 weeks ... and over $1,000,000 in 3 months.

Brett went from being Australia's highest paid copywriter ($25,000 for a simply written letter) to the LOWEST. Why? Because he no longer consults, deciding instead to focus on his internet businesses (which make money on auto-pilot) and teaching others how to do it LIVE.

Online since 2002, his own personal websites sell everything from e-books to software, and make over $500,000 a year on virtual auto-pilot, while he surfs, travels the world and lives the life of his dreams. Along with Tom, he’s the co-creator of the world’s biggest internet business event, World Internet Summit – taking it from zero to a multi-million dollar company in just 2 short years.

 World Internet Summit has become famous for revealing everything you need to know about starting an online business. What’s make it different from any other event?

They use a step by step method that makes it easy to follow, WITHOUT overloading you.

They do this by only inviting the world’s BEST experts in internet marketing to reveal how they do what they do. Only people who are actually making money online full time. Only people who were once where perhaps you are now.

So who revealed their secrets at this event? Only the best
hand-picked internet experts from around the world!


Armand Morin

The Product Creation Expert


 If you’ve been on the Internet at all over the past 10 years, you have seen Armand Morin whether you knew it or not.

Either by seeing the end result of one of his many products, one of his student’s websites, or by simply seeing his name on hundreds of thousands of websites all over the Internet.

Armand Morin is one of the most well known Internet Marketers in the world today. Having started online in 1996, his personal online businesses alone have generated over $25,000,000 in revenue since then. This doesn’t include the millions of dollars his students have produced from his teachings.
Armand has taught tens of thousands of people his amazingly unique and proprietary Internet business building principles and strategies which work without fail for every single business who has implemented them.
Armand has helped thousands of people from all walks of life to increase and enhance their online businesses through automation with his highly acclaimed “Generator” brand of software which is used by tens of thousands of people in 101 different countries.

Adam Ginsberg

The eBay Guy


In 2001 Adam began selling on eBay. In under one year he became the U.S #1 seller in the Sports Category and was named the #1 new seller on eBay in 2002. Adam's commitment to success on eBay is demonstrated by his outstanding (98%+) feedback satisfaction score and his Titanium Power Seller Status, eBay's highest level. 

He has established several successful stores on eBay and he has personally sold over £10,000,000 on eBay in the last three years. Not just a "technology marketing wizard" Adam is an exceptional speaker and trainer. He presents practical step-by-step formulas which are easy to follow and implement and his casual yet informative style draws significantly from his own inspirational success story.

Adam has been featured in Entrepreneur and Fortune Magazines. He has also been interviewed and been seen on CNBC with David Faber and ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings. Most Recently Adam has been featured on NBC- The Today Show.    

 Ewen Chia

The Affiliate Guy


Ewen Chia is widely regarded as the “World’s #1 Super Affiliate" and his name is synonymous with Affiliate Marketing.
If there’s just ONE person who can teach you how to make a fortune online from other people’s products without a website, product or list - it’s Ewen Chia.

As a well-known and highly-respected Internet Marketing guru, Ewen has also recently generated an obscene US$1.497 MILLION in just 48 hours all from free traffic.
He is known as the ‘Secret Weapon’ of every Internet Marketing guru out there because of his uncanny ability to take on the coveted #1 reseller spot in every major marketing rollout.
Ewen has taught thousands of people how to live the ‘Internet Lifestyle’ ,quit their day jobs and achieve financial freedom online, and he can teach YOU to do the same quickly and easily.
During his BRAND NEW presentation at the World Internet Summit, Ewen will teach you his proprietary super affiliate system that will allow you to generate HUGE affiliate cash windfalls at a push of a button, simply by giving away FREE products available everywhere.  


     Shaune Clarke

The Interview Guy  


Shaune Clarke is a talk show host turned marketing consultant who says… “Interviewing Is The Triple-Threat of Internet Marketing ... Product Development -- Sales Copy -- Marketing ... All-In-One!
Shaune will show you how you can use the power of "intimate interviews" to quickly create…

Expert Status In Any Field

A Surge of FREE Traffic

Unstoppable Marketing BUZZ

Emotion-Rich Sales Copy

In-Demand, High-Margin, Products

Instant Credibility With Joint Venture Partners      


Rick Raddatz

The Software Solution Guy  


Have you read those stories about entrepreneurs who make millions... only to LOSE EVERYTHING... and then make it right back?  How do they do that?  You're about to find out.
Rick Raddatz was a multi-millionaire at age 28. But by age 32 (many people don't know this) he had LOST EVERYTHING in a single year through the PERFECT FINANCIAL STORM of a divorce, the tech-stock crash, and a $200,000 tax error (not in his favor). Rick found himself not only broke - but over $100,000 in debt.  
Now at age 38, he has a thriving internet company, a net worth over $10 Million, and a million-dollar vacation home in Breckenridge Colorado where he now spends most of his time.
How did he do all this? He did it just like you can -- he started his comeback in his basement, with an idea, and the guts to buy a ticket to an internet marketing seminar on his last credit card.  
Hear Rick's inspirational story at World Internet Summit to learn what he knows about closing sales via the web using the power of audio and video. You'll discover how Rick builds opt-in forms that net 35% to 52% opt-in rates with ease, and how you can do it too. Rick knows how to TRIPLE your conversion with audio and video.      


Mike Stewart

The Audio & Video Guy  


Video is so hot right now. Finally, it's time has arrived on the internet. And one of the people who is at the forefront of this technology is Mike Stewart.

Using audio and video together on your website is a powerful combination. So Mike will teach you how easy it is to put audio on your pages.

Then he's going to reveal the absolute latest technology for using video on your websites - including how simple it can be to put video on your site ... the latest craze, "video blogging" and how to do it ... plus "vodcasting."

Do you know that you can create your own website "infomercials?" Those are those ads that you currently see on late night TV - and which bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales every week. Mike shows you how.

Also the 6 Primary Money-Making "Blueprints" for online videos (what's working online RIGHT NOW to make money for people who are NOT Steven Spielberg! It's not about your technical skills, it's about simple steps of communicating with an eager audience online!) And tons more.

This is the edge you've been looking for.      


Alan Forrest Smith

The Sales Maximiser  


Alan creates powerful marketing and advertising for his many clients around the world. In fact he’s famous for writing super-effective sales or advertising materials no matter what you sell.

Alan regularly takes poor selling sites and within 7 days turns them into money making machines. In fact, one recent campaign made over ?3,000 in just 7 days. Other clients have made increases in sales of 2,300% virtually overnight.

These sorts of results have made famous in USA, Australia, Asia and here in the UK. You literally will sit on the edge of your seat as Alan reveals the secret tools for taking bad sites and making them profitable What ever it takes to get the results, online, offline or fusion marketing... Alan knows how to do it.      


Tim Brocklehurst

The Rapid List-Building Guy



Tim Brocklehurst was running successful viral marketing campaigns offline before the term was even coined on the Internet.

 With a background in creative advertising, software development and magazine publishing, Tim hit the ground running as an Internet Marketer in late 2005. Then he quickly earned recognition for his speed in building niche lists and growing online businesses fast.

His area of speciality is viral marketing. His work in this field has uncovered an extra dimension to the viral factor. This explains the speed with which he has been able to grow lists and businesses. Tim will reveal how to build a massive list of 5,000 people in no time flat. 
Tim will reveal how everyone can develop an upward spiral of signups and sales growing exponentially and endlessly with "viral spiral marketing".
And yes, this time last year Tim was an attendee at World Internet Summit, so you'll want to discover how he was able to succeed so fast.    



 Tracy Repchuk

The Newbie's Coach  



The great thing about Tracy is that she too was once in the audience of World Internet Summit. She simply applied what she learnt … used her own initiative …and achieved success so quickly that it caught everyone by surprise. She is now an award-winning writer, bestselling author of "31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles," and was nominated for awards such as Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year, and Chamber of Commerce Business Woman of the Year, and has become recognized as a "Quantum Leap Specialist." Tracy teaches you internet marketing and mindset techniques that get you what you want, FAST. How fast? Well her entry into internet marketing started in September 2006. Within her first 5 months she’d earned over $95,717, won “Internet Marketing Success Of The Year,” and became an international speaker, copywriter, coach and mentor.

With her compassion for ‘newbies,’ she guides them along her proven path to direct internet marketing profits, adds a dash of joint venture, and creates multiple streams of income from a formula you can duplicate for every idea you have.

Tracy will reveal:

  •  How to find your niche - turning passion into profits

  •  Deadly website combinations that make money

  •  How to build your list using your story

  •  Rapid product creation in 5 easy steps

  •  How to create a traffic hurricane to your site

  •  Proven joint venture basics

Maximizing your marketing funnel and more (all with proven examples of exactly how she does it)    



The Outside The ‘Screen’ Thinker  




For more than a decade, Sean has been helping people grow their business, expand their reach, and learn to move with the inevitable changes in business and technology.

He has built an entrepreneurial empire to include many different areas of expertise - including marketing on the internet, organizational turnaround, and the keys to accessing the right people for success.

His endeavors are intended to aid in the development and growth of businesses and individuals at every level. Sean’s presentation will show you what’s really possible online for achieving massive success, yet chances are you would never have realised how easy it can be.      


Tom Hua               

The Viral Marketing Guy

As one of the true pioneers in the internet marketing industry, Tom Hua operates his amazing global Internet businesses from Melbourne Australia. In this LIVE presentation he shares his unique strategies, proven by his own hands-on experience, for building personal wealth by leveraging the power of the Internet.

Tom has already changed the lives of thousands around the world, helping them to become successful in their own Internet adventures.

Millions of people have visited Tom's websites, hundreds of thousands of websites feature his products and services. His own Internet Businesses generate millions of dollars in revenue each year, and are still growing steadily.

Tom will teach you how to put your website together step-by-step. He will also reveal the core formula that every successful website is based on. Good news is… he makes it as simple as 1-2-3 so that everyone can follow and duplicate.

On top of that, Tom is also going to teach you THE most powerful traffic generating secret that he (and almost every other big player) has used to become a top gun in his field (simply apply it for guaranteed results) . This technique alone will speed up your online success by up to 10 times .      


Brett McFall          


 The Simplifier        

Brett is Australia’s “money while you sleep” expert. He used to work at a boring $30,000 office job, but after learning some key marketing secrets he was able to produce millions of dollars for himself and his clients in a matter of just 12 months.

Today he takes a holiday somewhere in the world every 8 weeks, while his own websites turnover in excess of $500,000 a year on virtual auto-pilot, allowing him to live a life of total freedom.  

Brett’s straight to the point teaching style makes it easy to understand his secrets to the NEW way of getting rich – the internet – including secrets like:

  • How this one 8-letter word can change your sales forever … R _ _ _ _ _ _ _

  • The only 2 things you REALLY want your website visitors to do (once you understand this and apply it, your marketing suddenly becomes clear and precise)

  • How to make your product completely and utterly unique so that your customers are happy paying higher prices for what you sell… and more


Oh and here’s something else unique that happened at World Internet Summit which you’ll get to see every compelling second of too (no-one anywhere in the world does this)…

What if you were shown LIVE how to start an internet project from scratch? Would that help you fully understand how to do it yourself? Nothing's as powerful as being shown by example, true?

World Internet Summit challenged expert,  Shaune Clarke to make money LIVE in front of the audience.

Shaune had never done this LIVE before an audience before. In fact, he’d never ALLOWED it.

His trade secrets were laid bare before every attendee and captured LIVE on DVD.

This means, you get to see each intimate detail. No smoke and mirrors. Nowhere to hide. Nothing held back.

 You'll see the product created ... the website designed ... the follow up emails hooked up ... and more. Plus, the best part of all - you'll see -

 - themoney coming in LIVE.

 His entire presentation (conducted over the 4 days of the event) is contained on one entire DVD so that you can watch his progress from beginning to end.

Can you imagine owning this incredible part of the seminar? By watching how a real expert creates a product and money making website from scratch, wouldn’t this make YOUR success so much more predictable?

Well hold on… because here’s what else you’re going to know once you witness the entire DVD program:  

Step by step HOW to create your own web-page from scratch (remember this statement ... "piece of cake" ... that's      how simple this demonstration makes it)

How to choose the right PRODUCTS to sell on the internet (get this wrong and you could lose a ton of money) - see actual proof and income statements from those who are doing it already

The insiders secrets for how to take a conventional OFFLINE business (that is, your regular real-world business) and put it on the internet

How to sell BOTH physical products ... AND ... information products on the internet (yes, there's a difference in how you do it - we'll show you the right way so you have the best chance of success)

How to open up NEW MARKETS overseas (ever wanted to have your own "international" business? Well you certainly don't have to move overseas in order to do it - you can run it all from here)

How to create simple INFORMATION PRODUCTS that sell on easily-designed websites - PLUS how to be 99%
you'll make money from Day 1

How to find FREE Public Domain products (which means products you have take and use without paying a cent) and sell them for profit

How to dramatically improve your current website results ... whether you're trying to build a bigger database of prospects or sell more online - OR BOTH 

What to WRITE on your webpage to increase response by up to 300% (in fact, you can increase your response by more than that - THIS is being conservative)

The simple copywriting formula that you MUST follow if you want to sell a lot of product or services from your website (this formula took over 7 years to hone down ... but now you can use it to turbo-charge your websites in a matter of minutes) ... THIS TRULY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SKILL YOU NEED FOR SELLING ONLINE - knowing how to write the words people read

Where to find HOT MARKETS before you even create a product (this is like getting the clues to solving "Rubic's Cube" before you even start - and could be well worth the entire weekend on it's own)

Which PRODUCTS sell like hotcake's on the internet and which fizzle like a matchstick

How to get FOUND on search engines first (while your competitors struggle)... and without it costing you a cent

How to AUTOMATE 90% of your internet business so that it runs on virtual auto-pilot (yes, it's true, the internet can take over most of the tasks of "staff" - except you don't have to pay retirement, holidays, sick-pack etc)

How to TAKE ORDERS over the internet (no, it's not just for the big companies. You can ... while sitting at home ... take orders from all over the world - even while you sleep)

How to PROCESS MONEY over the internet in as little as 5 minutes from now (even if you've never done it before, and even if you don't have a "merchant account" ... these are the facilities that banks used to make you jump through hoops for - NOT ANY MORE, you're back in control)

The best way to DELIVER your product (protect yourself from people who try to steal your product from under your nose - protecting yourself is simple and it's secure)

Can you imagine KNOWING this
and so much more? 

How to make good money by selling OTHER PEOPLE'S products on the internet (it's a fact that you don't have to have your own product to have a business online - we'll show you how affiliate programs work and more)

How to make money on the internet with NO list (database) ... NO product ... NO recognition ... and very little cash flow - and still make an income that could replace your day job

How to get ringing ENDORSEMENTS from experts who at this moment don't even know you exist - don't worry, that can all change after you leave this event (and know this - ENDORSEMENTS from noted experts can send your sales soaring - so it's a worthwhile secret to know)

How to go from virtual "unknown" to virtual "superstar" entrepreneur in as little as 12 months

How to add audio and VIDEO to your websites to increase your sales even more (yes, even beginners can now appear high-tech ... follow these tips and it's simpler than it's ever been)

How to JOINT-VENTURE with other people for HUGE profits and desperately LOW costs

How to charge HIGHER prices than everyone else ... yet still pull in MORE sales

THE TRUTH REVEALED - which software you absolutely need ... and which software you should avoid like the plague

What AFFILIATE programs are and HOW to use them to make passive income (which is the best income of all, right? Make money passively while you do whatever you want)

How to make money from a product that others PAY YOU to help create - so that your product is totally self-funded from the beginning (this sounds bizarre - but understand ... THIS weekend is full of uncommon wisdom and you'll hear remarkable story after remarkable story - and every one of them is true)

Can you imagine knowing even just a few of these secrets?
You’ll know ALL of them … and be able to watch them over and
over again … once you own this DVD program.

Plus I have a unique bonus for you:

Bonus: NEWBIES Day

This is something that NO other seminar offers.

On the first 2 DVDs you’ll be taken through the "baby steps." This is something normally ONLY reserved for attendees. But for a limited time, you’ll be able to witness Newbies Day too on this DVD program. Introducing you to what the internet is all about... how much opportunity is available (wait till you see the amazing statistics) ... what you can sell online ... the EASIEST products to sell online ... what all the "nerdy" internet terms mean...and a lot more. All made fun and easy to absorb. You’ll be shown how to make money online ... how to design your own website ... how to accept money - ALL THE BASICS covered for you step by step. You'll see how the experts do everything from scratch. You'll see the software they use. The rules they always follow. What to do ... and NOT to do. Plus more.

US$497 Value - YOURS FREE ON DVD  


Naturally, your business will be energized by this unmatched bonus DVD, however, there's something much more important than anything we can give you and that's...

The incredible lifestyle that
awaits you is like none other.

You can literally run an Internet business from ANYWHERE in the world you choose to live. You could be on the beach in Hawaii with your family and earn more money than when you were at home ... or make money while you kick back in Fiji (sipping cocktails by the pool as you check your email for new orders). How about skiing in Switzerland and discovering you made sales in between runs ... Imagine hiking along the river in the Rocky Mountains and still be able to run your business from your backpack. Would this be a nice change from your current life? If YES then...


In a moment you're going to read something that will melt away any doubt about whether you should attend.

But first, check to see if this is what you're thinking:

"Will these strategies work for me?"

The odds are in your favour because these strategies are based on sound, proven principles. And these principles work everywhere on the planet -equally- for everyone. It doesn't matter who ... or where ... you are And yet, with everything set up to ensure you will get the MOST out of this experience, there will still be some people who manage to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.


If you’re down to your last cent and have to borrow to be involved in this business in the hope that you’ll become rich overnight... please don't fill in the application form. It's not for you.


If you’re looking for a "magic" pill to fix all the problems in your life, or you aren’t open to new ideas, or you can’t or won’t follow instructions... then this is not going to work for you either


If you’re looking for a quick buck or a way to scam people through email...

...then DEFINITELY look somewhere else.

On The Other Hand...

If you’re looking for a better path to success, a new skill which can take you to the level of personal success and financial rewards that you desire... a path that has proven to work for others time and time again... an Internet business might be exactly what you are looking for.

Especially if you know the importance of investing in your success. Because...

Operating your own Internet business offers you the easiest,
and most enjoyable way to generate a substantial cash flow quickly.

What you are going to discover on the World Internet Summit UK Home Study DVDs is a recipe you can follow to turn on the taps to more money... better profits... and a better lifestyle.

With all this talk of making money automatically while you sleep, you may be thinking, "I bet they're charging thousands of pounds for this event."

But think about it: How much would it be worth to you to be able to flick on the TV and learn from the best internet marketing minds on the planet FOCUSED solely on you?

What could it be worth to you to slash 3 years off your learning curve? To get the results you need NOW... instead of losing thousands on trial and error.

UNDERSTAND: If you’re serious about creating a profitable business on the internet you WILL spend thousands of dollars learning how to do it right. Except you'll probably do it by making mistakes. Which means you won't make any money in return. Why do that when you can get the right information up front for a fraction of that cost... with proven methods guaranteed to work?

Just how much is your investment
to own the World Internet Summit UK Home Study DVDs?

Well, you may also be aware that to attend one of these events in person normally costs $1,497. And they’re worth every cent. Then on top of that you’d have to take time off from work … arrange accommodation to be near the event … pay for parking … or perhaps even pay for flights.

All round, you could be up for nearly $2,500 to witness this event LIVE.

But remember, the event has now passed. For whatever reason, you were not there. And World Internet Summit only runs one event a year in each country they go to. So even if you wanted to, you couldn’t attend one next week.

Something critical you should also know is this:

Each of the experts featured in this program charge no less than $1,000 an hour to consult. Which means, if you were to have them personally teach you everything that they reveal on these DVDs, you’d be up for at least $18,000.

                     And that’s if you could get them to agree to do it (these days they put their lifestyles first and many
                     won’t consult at ANY rate).

 Here are 3 reasons why I believe owning these DVDs is better than attending the event LIVE

FIRSTLY, you can watch each presentation over and over again until you “get it.” This is great because if there’s a word or a concept you don’t quite understand first time around, it’s as easy as hitting a button to review it again.

BOTTOMLINE: Attendees don’t have that luxury.

SECONDLY, you can learn at YOUR own pace. Say you have a spare hour or so, just put on a DVD and turn your home into an “internet university.” If you like to get up early, or go to bed late, these DVDs become your learning centre that revolves around your schedule.

BOTTOMLINE: You don’t have to put your life on hold for 4 days (like the attendees did).

THIRDLY, it’s much, much cheaper. Because for a limited time I can ship you these DVDs immediately for


Yours to own for life

Which means you too could on the road to internet success. All the secrets are contained in this one program. Wouldn’t you like to be feeling just like these people?

Just look at this proof below. When you come to World Internet Summit, it can literally change your life:  

Wasn't it brilliant!!!! It was absolutely hands down the best, value for money, jam packed with information, well organized, totally cool fun time I have ever had at a conference. You guys rocked. Thank YOU! I have been working on the changes I need to make today. OOPs sorry, used the "W" word. But it does take effort! Thanks again guys ... for an excellent life changing event.


I thought this seminar would be “over the top” computer/geeky stuff ... and that it would not be explained in easy step-by-step fashion. Boy was I wrong.  It was so unbelievable it’s hard to put into words. Absolutely anyone can do the steps and make unlimited amounts of money for the rest of their lives. Thank you.

Samantha Peters

I knew this event would be the BOMB ... and it OVER-DELIVERED. The greatest seminar ever! It would have taken me literally years to learn what I have here in 4 days. All the speakers were great, and the event was complete CONTENT. Now I’m on my way to being financially free. Thank you World Internet Summit.

Abel Smallman

Unbelievable! I feel a level of motivation that I know will never run out. This seminar has opened my mind to the truly massive potential that the internet has to offer. I also feel that this has been the most enlightening and practical educational experience of my life. Thank you so much.

Nick Watkins

I wasn’t sure what to expect – I’d heard it could be a huge sales spiel. But World Internet Summit simply offered an amazing range of information. Excellent speakers and lots of heart. Everyone gave ... gave ... and gave again. Please just keep doing the same – IT WORKS!

Sarah Dawson Shepherd

I thought this seminar would be one where the 'gurus' would not expose too many of their secrets, but ... and it's a BIG but ... I was amazed at how open and willing ALL the speakers were. They shared and taught EVERYTHING. And now I feel empowered ... confident .. and I know I can make it now on the internet.


I knew absolutely NOTHING about making money on the internet and NOTHING about creating websites. Wow... now I feel great because I've gained so much knowledge about internet marketing and how to make a HUGE amount of money online. It was great! Thank you


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This has been the best conference I have been to yet and I wouldn’t have missed it. The content has been exceptional and even though I have information overload I KNOW I will start making some money very soon.


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 "Thanks for giving me tools to take me from a “newbie” to a “webbie”


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This is the best way to learn! Reading e-books and doing courses are okay, but it doesn't really come to life until you learn in this kind of environment. The networking is unbelievable. I got more ideas and information in 4 days than in a year of reading.


I experienced 4 days of intensive concise and extraordinary teaching at World Internet Summit. It was an amazing pivotal experience. You guys are awesome! Thank you Brett and Tom.


As a former Police officer I was sceptical about the content I would receive at this conference. Wow was I pleasantly surprised! I would recommend without hesitation the quality of the content. Kudos for a first class event!

STEVE SANCHEZ, USA  World Internet Summit has been a gateway to the future with implications so vast, they are unimaginable. So much quality knowledge gained from each presentation - the 90 minutes seemed like were over before they'd began. The questions I came with were answered and more. Thank you forever!


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