CB Cashlinks The Only Clickbank WordPress Plugin You’ll Ever Need!

Forget low-paying AdSense links.

Grab your copy of the CB Cashlinks Plugin and be up and running in seconds!

Add banners, optin forms, or
any html/javascript and get a developer’s license absolutely FREE

CB Cl Install In Seconds!

It’s as simple as installing any WordPress
plugin. Install either inside WordPress, or via FTP or File Manager
in your cPanel. Then login to your blog, activate the plugin and
start creating campaigns. Told you it was easy!


CB Cl Change Link Colors Easily!

Make your links look like AdSense or match the colors of
your site. It’s easy to do and takes seconds. Also, you can choose to add a
border, color that border, and test different layouts. All on the fly!


CB Cls Cloak Your Links!

With the latest version of this Clickbank WordPress
Plugin, you can now easily cloak your affiliate links. Add your tracking IDs,
set up multiple campaigns, cloak your links, make lots of cash!


CB Cls Explode Your Earnings!

CB Cashlinks grabs Clickbank products to add to your
WordPress blog to help you cash in on the 100s of different Clickbank vendors in
the marketplace. Once you know this info, you can target specific products to
earn more cash!

CB Cl Super Simple
Yet Highly Configurable

CB Cl is a fantastic

Clickbank WordPress Plugin
tested to
work with the latest version of WordPress 3.x. It is in no way associated with,
or endorsed by, WordPress or Clickbank. It’s just a great
WordPress plugin designed to help you monetize your blogs the right way with
Clickbank Products. Remember, for a limited time only, your CB Cashlinks plugin
comes with a developer license to use on all your own sites and those you decide
to sell.

GrabYour Copy Now!.



Q) Does CB
Cashlinks work with the latest version of WordPress?
A) Yes,
absolutely! It has been tested with WordPress 3.x so will work
with the latest version. All updates are free and if you have
any issues you can contact us for immediate help!

Q) Is this plugin easy to install?

A) Absolutely, like any WordPress plugin, it’s a simple matter of
uploading and activating. You can upload via FTP, your host
(e.g. File Manager) or inside WordPress’s own “Add New” under
the Plugins section.

Q) Are there installation instructions?

A) Yes, you’ll receive video and PDF installation instructions to make
sure you configure the plugin quickly so you can start earning
right away.

Q) Are updates free?

A) They sure are! All updates are free for life!

Q) If I am having trouble configuring, will you help me?

A) Sure thing! Just send us an email and we’ll be glad to help you out.

Q) Can I add more than banners in the Banner Section?

A) Of course, you can add any html or javascript so you can add html
banners, javascript optin forms such as Aweber forms, and much

Q) What
are the rights with this plugin?

A) You can use this plugin on as many sites as you own. For a limited time,
we’re also giving you developer rights for FREE simply by taking
advantage of our offer right now!




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