I’m doing something a little irregular today.
I know I usually send you emails full
of content on how to build your
trading/investing accounts
and how to live a great life, but today
we’re turning the tables a bit.

I want you to join me in helping others
live a great life, specifically, kids with
special needs and in my typical fashion
of always wanting to bring you the
most value possible, in return there
are some very powerful bonuses
that you will receive as well.

A gentleman I know put together this
amazing, short, 7 minute film about
a little boy named Jacob, who is 4 years old,
plays baseball, and has Down syndrome.

I think you’ll find his story very inspiring
and you’ll want to share it with your friends.



All of this has come about because we
feel we have been blessed and
have come together to rally around this
project and raise support for Jacob and the
2.8 million kids who live with special needs
every day, in the U.S. alone.

To add some extra motivation to you for
helping support Jacob and this cause, we’ve
all put together some very powerful gifts
and prizes to get you to support the cause too.

In other words, we’ve got thousands of dollar’s
worth of bonuses donated by many different
teachers from many different industry’s (I think
I’m the only trading/investing guy), just for you
and others willing to donate any amount at all
(even just $1. Literally, every dollar will help
the kids!).

And they are all yours if you make a donation and
most importantly, take a few minutes to check
out this very inspirational story that will make
your day better in many ways, I think you’ll be
glad that you did and when your friends see it
they will too!
Go watch it now!



Big A

P.S. The bonuses will only be available for a short time.

Please help out kids with special needs right now.


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