Review  for three of the best autoresponders.
We will compare Aweber, GetResponse and Icontact in the comparison chart table





Monthly Pricing Options
Trial $1 for 30 Days No Trial Free Edition Account
Up to 500 Contacts $19 $11.48 Free Edition Account$10.00 (With Full Features)
Up to 1000 Contacts $29 $14.76 $19.00
Up to 2500 Contacts $20.50 $29.00
Up to 5000 Contacts $49 $36.90 $47.00
Up to 10000 Contacts $69 $53.30 $74.00
Up to 25000 Contacts $149 $118.90 $149.00
Contact Management Features
Import Mailing List
Automatically Detect Duplicate Emails
Add Custom Demographic Fields
Require Opt-in
Email Creation Features
Email Setup Wizard
Supports Unicode
Add Images
Add Hyperlinks
Create Plain Text /HTML Messages
Create Messages from Template
Create Web Forms
Image Hosting 100MB 0.5MB
Create Surveys
Email Sending Features
Email Job Scheduling
SPAM Test (Make Sure your Emails Aren’t Spam)
Test Email
Email Reporting Features
Click-Through Tracking
Status of Emails
Forwarded Emails
View Unsubscribed Contacts
Compare Message Reports
Social Media Integration
Conversion Tracking
Integrate with Google Analytics
Technical Support




Building good customer relations is very important for your business. If you regularly
keep in touch with your customers, you can be at a better position to
anticipate and provide for all their needs. If you have your own online
business, the ability to anticipate the needs of your market can
determine the success or failure of your online business endeavor. One
of the best ways to keep in contact with your customers online is
through email. Email communications can help establish good customer
relations because of its personal nature. However, emailing hundreds of
customers can be very difficult if you do it manually. This is where the
Aweber Email Marketing Tools come in.


Aweber is a leading provider of Email marketing tools that enable businesses to
conduct an effective email marketing campaign and stay in touch with
their customers online. The website provides a comprehensive list of
tools that enables businesses to handle all aspects of their email
marketing campaigns and customer relations. These tools are perfect for
all sizes of email marketing campaigns. Many leading online businesses
and thousands of others use Aweber to handle their email marketing

Target Market

Aweber is perfect for all kinds of online businesses who wish to conduct a
successful email marketing campaign. Whether you just want to stay in
touch with your customers or want some means of soft selling your
products or services directly to interested parties, Aweber tools can
let you do this in a fast and efficient manner. Many leading online
business trust Aweber with their email marketing campaigns and there is
no reason why you should not.


Signing up for Aweber service is not expensive. Your first month will only cost $1. For
this price, you will be able to access all the available tools and
resources provided by Aweber. After the first month, if you plan to
continue the service, you can choose from any of the available plans
that will be perfect for all your needs.


By signing up to
the Aweber service, you can be able to get access to the following tools
and services:

  • Email
  • Signup
  • Manage
  • Autoresponders
  • HTML
    Email Templates
  • Blog
  • Email
  • Subscriber Segmentation
  • Email
    Marketing API
  • Email
  • Customer Support

This is pretty
much everything you need to run a successful and effective email
campaign and you can find all this tools in one place.


If you want a
reliable service that perfectly provides for all your email marketing
needs, Aweber is definitely the way to go. From its multi tiered pricing
plans to its comprehensive list of features that enable you to run an
effective campaign, the Aweber service is definitely a very valuable and reliable service.

  • Tue, 09 Apr 2019 21:09:05 +0000: How to Quickly Add Emojis to Your Email Subject Line - Email Marketing Tips

    emoji keyboard shortcut

    We recently held an AWeber customer workshop in Orlando, Florida. While we were there, one of the most frequently asked questions we received wasn’t about deliverability or what to write in your emails or the most popular integrations.

    Nope. It had to do with emojis. Or, more specifically, “How do you add an emoji to an email subject line?”

    Luckily, we had an easy answer: There’s a super quick keyboard shortcut that allows you to add your favorite teeny-tiny hearts 💚, smiley faces 😆, and clapping hands 👏🏽 to your subject lines (or even inside your email copy). Follow the steps below to try it on your Mac or PC.

    How to add emojis to an email subject line on a Mac

    Keyboard shortcut: CTRL + CMD + Space

    emoji keyboard shortcut for mac

    • Step 1: Open your email draft inside your AWeber account.
    • Step 2: Place your cursor where you’d like the emoji to appear in your subject line.
    • Step 3: Hit the three buttons of the keyboard shortcut (Control + Command + Space bar) down at once. An emoji window will pop up.
    • Step 4: Click on an emoji to insert it into your subject line.

    (Don't have an AWeber account yet? Sign up today to build your list, create an email, and analyze your results! Your first 30 days are completely free.)

    emoji keyboard shortcut

    How to add emojis to an email subject line on a PC

    *Keyboard shortcut: Win + . or Win + ;

    emoji keyboard shortcut for PC

    • Step 1: Open your email draft inside your AWeber account.
    • Step 2: Place your cursor where you’d like the emoji to appear in your subject line.
    • Step 3: Hit the two buttons of the keyboard shortcut (Windows key + . (period) or Windows key + ; (semicolon)) down at once. An emoji window will pop up.
    • Step 4: Click on an emoji to insert it into your subject line.

    *This shortcut is available on Windows 10. (Window 10’s touch keyboard also has a built-in emoji keyboard. Just hit the smiley face to the left of the space bar to activate it.)

    Pro tips for using the emoji keyboard

    • The emojis you’ve used most recently will be stored at the top of the window.
    • Scroll through the emoji categories along the bottom of the window. (Categories: smileys and people, animals and nature, food and drink, activity, travel and places, objects, symbols, flags, and symbols.)
    • Use the magnifying glass to easily search for emojis instead of scrolling through them all.
    • In Windows, you can change the skin tone in the upper righthand corner in the “people” emoji category. It looks like a square patch.
    • On a Mac, you can change the skin tone in the “people” emoji category by clicking on an emoji. A small bar will appear with multiple options.
    • Enter as many emojis as you’d like into your subject line. Once you are done, you can close the pop up window by hitting the Esc key, or pressing the “X” at the top left corner on a Mac and the “X” at the top right corner on a PC.

    Should you use emojis in your email subject lines?

    We wanted to find out. That’s why we recently analyzed 1,000 emails from 100 of today’s top marketers. The result: 6.9% of subject lines included emojis.

    While that’s a small percentage, using emojis could increase your open rates, according to Mark Asquith, marketing expert and founder of Rebel Base Media. (Asquith was also one of the 100 top marketers whose emails we included in our research.)

    “A well-placed smiley, timer, or contextual emoji used alongside a well-thought-out subject line will really make your message stand out within someone’s already very busy inbox,” said Asquith, who frequently uses emojis in his own subject lines.

    Emoji in subject line

    When it comes to your own subject lines, our advice is to test, test, test.

    Set up an A/B test of two emails — one that uses an emoji in the subject line, and one that doesn’t — and see which version your subscribers prefers. This can help you optimize your open rates in the future.

    Related: Why You Need to Split Test Your Emails

    AWeber lets you A/B test more than just subject lines, too. Our testing tools allows you to test almost everything, like send times, copy, templates, buttons, images, and more! Try a free 30-day trial of AWeber and you can start split testing today!

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  • Tue, 02 Apr 2019 21:18:57 +0000: How to Brand Your Business in 6 Steps - Email Marketing Tips

    What company immediately pops into your mind when you see this image?

    Coca-Cola. And that's thanks to great branding. Even if Coca-Cola doesn't show their logo in an advertisement, you still know it's them. And you associate certain feelings and emotions with their branding.

    When you successfully brand your own company, you build trust with your audience, become recognizable, and stand out. And since billions of emails hit the inbox every day, your email marketing needs to stand out.

    Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks, says, "Great companies that build an enduring brand have an emotional relationship with customers that has no barrier. And that emotional relationship is on the most important characteristic, which is trust. "

    Here's how to brand your business and email marketing.

    What is branding?

    Your brand is your business' personality. You define your branding by how you design or talk about parts of your business, like your:

    • product
    • audience
    • logo
    • colors
    • messaging
    • perception

    Great branding is consistent. Every time your audience hears, sees, or buys from you, they should recognize your brand.

    Step 1: Create your mission statement.

    Your mission statement tells the world what your business does and why it’s important. It will give you more insight about what type of customers you want to attract and will set the tone for how you speak to them.

    To create a mission statement, think about how your product or service can positively transform your audience’s life. How do you want your audience to feel or what problems will you solve for them? Your statement should include aspirational language that speaks to your overall goal.

    Sweetgreen states their mission clearly. They talk about what they strive to do for their customers (connecting people to real food) and why they want to do so (to inspire healthier communities).

    Step 2: Research what other brands do.

    Research companies you admire or aspire to be like. Identify what draws you toward their design, product, or voice and write down your observations.

    You might jot down:

    • the fonts they use
    • their color palette
    • what types of photos they use
    • how they describe themselves on their about page

    Step 3: Identify what makes you unique.

    You're most likely not the only company in your space. So it's pivotal to communicate this to your audience. To find out what makes you unique, ask yourself:

    • How are you different from everyone else?
    • Do you serve a niche audience?
    • Do you help your local community?
    • Do you have great customer service?
    • Are you the first in your space?
    • Why should your audience look to you and not other brands?

    Patagonia sets themselves apart from other clothing brands by talking about their superior standards. One of their core values is “Build the best product.” And their jackets meet their strict “H2No(R) Performance Standard.” Their high standards set them apart from other retailers and show how much they care about the consumer and their product

    Related: How to Pinpoint Your ‘Hook.’ Find Your Unique Selling Proposition in 6 Simple Steps

    Step 4: Be consistent with typography.

    Although it may seem unimportant, typography — or a specific set of fonts — is essential to a stand-out brand. Typography helps your customers identify your company at a glance, and it says a lot about who you are.

    For example, Sweetgreen uses simple, rounded letters, which convey friendliness and openness, as opposed to a sharper font with harsher, straighter lines. The simple, rounded font works well with their mission statement: "To inspire healthier communities by connecting people to real food."

    When choosing a typeface, select fonts which are easy to read at any size and with long or short paragraphs and sentences.

    Only select 1 to 3 total fonts to use across your brand, and choose a primary font that you'll use 85% to 90% of the time.

    For example, Nike does a great job of consistently using one font on their homepage. To highlight the most important text, Nike displays headlines in bold, large, capitalized letters. They display sub-headlines, which are less important, in unbolded, smaller, sentence-case type. This is called design hierarchy, and it helps you find the most important text on a page at a glance.

    Be sure to define font styles for the following things:

    • Body copy (text that is standard on all paragraphs)
      • This text should be easy to read at a smaller size.
    • Headline copy (text that describes what you are about to read in the paragraph below)
      • This font size should be larger and most likely bolder so that it stands out.
    • Button or links
      • Don’t think too hard about this one. Your buttons should be simple. They should be either text over top of a color box or underlined text of a certain color to indicate that you should click. Setting a standard for these will help create consistency throughout all of your web marketing materials.

    Pro tip: Not sure how to choose your fonts? If you already have a website and logo, you should have a dominant font already. Reuse it on all your marketing materials. If you don't have either, read this article from Canva to learn how to choose the right fonts.

    Step 5: Choose colors for your brand.

    Color theory is the science behind color and how it can affect your audience's choices. Your colors should look good and express your brand's personality.

    If you’re new to branding and color theory, I suggest reading this article by 99 designs to get more insight on how to choose colors that express the right feelings

    If you already have brand colors, don’t reinvent the wheel. Use the colors you've already chosen.

    You should start by examining your logo. What colors are in it and what colors will complement it?

    Related: How to Choose Colors That Work Together

    Spotify’s colors are limited, but also iconic. When you see this specific green combined with black or white you can easily identify the Spotify brand

    You can also use the colors from other marketing content to guide your color choices, like your:

    • emails
    • website
    • landing pages
    • mailers
    • product packaging

    For example, if you are using black or gray for all text on your website, use the sames colors in your email text.

    How to easily identify colors

    For web content, you can identify colors by their hexadecimal color (or hex code), which will contain a hashtag followed by a combination of letters and/or numbers.

    Pro tip: To identify a color's hex code, you can use this HTML Color Picker tool.

    In AWeber and many software platforms, you can enter your custom hex code to display your exact brand colors. Below, the hex code #FFFFFF is used to display white text.

    For print, you can define a color by its CMYK, or Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black, values.

    Be sure to define colors for the following things:

    • Body copy
      • This should be a shade of black or dark gray so that it is easy to read on most color backgrounds.
    • Headline Copy
    • Background colors
      • I suggest using white in most cases so that your pages, emails, or printed items are easy to read. If you need to add color, neutrals like light gray or tan are typical as well.
    • Button or link color
      • This should always stand out from the rest of the palate to attract the viewer to take an action.

    This article by OptinMonster gives you some insight on what the best colors are for “calls to action” or buttons

    Step 6: Choose a photography style.

    Take cues from some of the inspirational brands you identified in step 2. What kind of photos do they use? Analyze how their photos appear using the follow criteria:

    • Lighting
      • Are they outside or inside?
    • Composition
      • Are the photos overhead or looking straight on?
      • Are they centered or off center?
      • Is there motion or are they still?
      • Is it close up and abstract or far away and full picture?
    • Subject matter
      • Do the images consist of people or still life?
    • Coloring
      • Are the photos black and white?
      • Is there some sort of filter or consistent coloring that make them all feel the same?

    Pro tip: Don't have a photographer or nice camera? Here's How to Create Amazing Photos on Zero Budget

    LinkedIn does a great job of using a consistent photography style. Within the LinkedIn style guide, they speak to how they represent different parts of their marketing.

    When they show photography of their app, they use images of a phone laying flat among everyday objects that “represent human touch," (a.k.a. It should look like a person left the objects there.).

    When they show people working and collaborating, they use images of people in candid moments.

    Document your decisions.

    Now, write down everything you learned and guidelines for how you portray your brand. The best way you can start to implement these ideas is keeping a document that states all of your findings so that you can always reference it when you go to create something new.

    Create branded emails in minutes with AWeber's Drag and Drop Editor and 700+ templates. Start your free trial today.

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  • Tue, 02 Apr 2019 17:25:03 +0000: New in AWeber: Web Fonts, Awesome Integrations, and Email Insights to Help You Grow - Email Marketing Tips

    What's new in AWeber?

    We're back with another video sharing the latest features in AWeber:

    Explore what's new:

    Did you miss an update?

    Don't miss last month's video! We shared exciting new features in our mobile app, Curate, and a quick, simple way to copy entire automated campaigns.

    Get started today

    Log in to your account to try out these features!

    Not using AWeber? Get started, free for 30 days. Our email experts are available 24/7 to help you get going.

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  • Tue, 26 Mar 2019 12:08:55 +0000: How to Write an Apology Email - Email Marketing Tips

    When your business makes a mistake, you need to act quickly. A sincere apology email can often help to fix the damage.

    But the stakes are high. Use the wrong words in your apology email, and you might anger your audience.

    To avoid disasters like this, we gathered 6 brilliant examples of companies saying "sorry." Consider this the Hall of Fame of Apology Emails. Use them as a guide if you ever need to send a heartfelt — or even humorous — sorry.

    When should you send an apology email?

    Before sending an apology email, evaluate whether the situation calls for it.

    Ask yourself two questions:

    • Would subscribers be inconvenienced or confused if I don’t send an apology?
    • Did I (or my business) offend or upset my audience by doing something wrong?

    If you respond with a “yes” to either question, you should send an apology email.

    Different mistakes require different responses. Here are examples of apology emails for some of the most common mistakes businesses make.

    Incorrect info, broken links, and typos

    If you forget to carefully review and test your emails, you might end up sending an email with broken links or typos. It happens quite a bit. (Pro tip: Test your emails before you send them.)

    Related: 3 Ways to Test Your Emails before Hitting ‘Send’

    If you did this, send an email to give people the correct information and to apologize for the mistake.

    BuzzFeed sent a newsletter with the wrong link. They quickly sent an apology email with the right link and a lighthearted explanation.

    Accidental email sends

    If you hit send too early or deliver an email you never meant to send, keep calm and send an apology.

    If the email you accidentally sent is funny (Let’s say it contains nothing but a cat.), you can even make your apology humorous, like Fab’s purrfect email below.

    Missing information or details

    Forgot to include important information or details in your email? Send a follow up email to correct your mistake.

    Notice how Really Good Emails apologizes for sending another email in the same day and shares the information they forgot.

    Tech issues

    Technology doesn't always work. If your website goes down or you're dealing with another tech issue that affects your audience, email them to apologize and give an update on what's happening.

    Joanna Wiebe, founder of CopyHackers, sent an apology email after her webinar platform failed to work during her presentation on apology emails. (I think she jinxed herself.)

    Broken products or poor service

    A bad experience with your company can destroy your relationship with a customer and lead to negative reviews of your product or service.

    If a large group of customers have a bad experience because you delivered a poor product or service, the negative impact is magnified. But you can send an apology email to help alleviate the damage.

    After delivering defective products to their customers, Passion Planner emailed their audience an apology and an offer for a full refund.

    Serious mistakes

    If you’ve made a serious mistake, own it. No excuses. Apologize and explain how you’re addressing the issue so it doesn’t happen again.

    Check out the apology email AirBnb sent for a serious mistake below.

    How to write an apology email subject line

    Not sure what to write in your subject lines? Try one of these tips.

    Be direct.

    Explain exactly what happened and what you're doing about it.

    Example: Passion Planner

    Subject line: Trouble with Eco? We Hear Your Concerns.

    Mention your mistake.

    Be clear about the mistake you made right in your subject line.

    Example: Really Good Emails

    Subject line: We forgot some stufferoo

    Be human.

    Everybody makes mistakes. As long as you haven’t made a serious one, use a human tone, like Buzzfeed, and maybe even add an emoji.

    Example: BuzzFeed

    Subject line: Let's try this again...🙈

    Related: Your Guide to Writing the World's Best Email Subject Lines

    Own your mistakes.

    It’s much better for your brand to apologize than to say nothing when a mistake happens. Plus, it’s the right thing to do.

    Need help writing other emails? Download our free What to Write in Your Emails guide. It includes 45+ fill-in-the-blank email templates.

    what to write

    AWeber is an email marketing platform that allows 100,000+ small businesses and entrepreneurs to create and send emails people love. Learn more about what AWeber can do for your small business.

    Additional reporting by Amanda Gagnon

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  • Thu, 21 Mar 2019 14:15:29 +0000: How Your Feedback Shapes the Future of AWeber - Email Marketing Tips

    At AWeber, we’re committed to providing you with remarkable experiences all day, every day.

    You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  at our Pennsylvania headquarters. Our email experts are always ready to offer you technical advice (like how to use features inside your account) and strategical advice (like how to launch a successful automated email campaign).

    It’s because of this commitment to creating remarkable customer experiences that, for the fourth straight year, AWeber has been recognized for exceptional customer service by both the annual Stevie Awards and National Customer Service Association. No other email service provider can say that!

    “I am super proud of our amazing team,” said Chris Henrich, director of Customer Solutions at AWeber. “These awards serve as well-deserved recognition of our entire AWeber team’s continued focus on both refining and enhancing an already exceptional customer experience.”

    We took home two Stevie® Awards for Customer Service

    The Stevie Awards are like the Oscars of the customer service industry. They recognize the best of the best in customer service across a variety of industries and company sizes.

    This year, our Customer Solutions team received not one, but two awards at the 2019 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. AWeber received a Silver Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year, as well as a Bronze Stevie Award for Contact Center of the Year.

    On top of that, AWeber was named runner-up in People’s Choice Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year. (If you voted for us, high five ✋ and thank you!)

    We were runner up for NCSA All-Stars Award

    The All-Stars Award recognizes the top customer service individuals, teams, and organizations across the United States. Nominees had to meet strict criteria, including delivering consistent excellent service, going above and beyond normal job duties, and adhering daily to their organization’s mission and values.

    AWeber was named runner-up for the National Customer Service Association’s 2019 All-Stars Award.

    How we’re creating even more remarkable experiences using feedback from our customers

    Each year, AWeber strives to make an even bigger impact with our customers, and 2018 was no different. We pushed ourselves to innovate the way we serve our customers in a variety of ways.

    We’ve always used customer feedback to help shape our product and service. However, last year, we made some changes to how we collect, analyze, and communicate feedback across our teams.

    1. First, our Customer Solutions team actively monitors the results of our quarterly customer surveys, allowing them to quickly follow up with customers who love our platform, have questions, or need additional support. Because of this, our customers know that we are committed to providing them with the tools they need to be successful.
    2. Second, we launched a new "feature request" process that enables our Customer Solutions team to easily collect feedback from our customers about new tools they want to see inside our product. This feedback  influences new product releases.
    3. Third, our Customer Solutions team has a hand in developing AWeber. Last year, members of our Customer Solutions team began working more closely with our product team. They began attending product meetings regularly, taking customers’ feedback straight to the people building and refining our product offering. By doing this, communication around product development and customer sentiment has never been more efficient or effective. Every product update and new feature is thoroughly tested by the Customer Solutions team before we send it to our customers.

    These changes had a meaningful impact on several releases last year:

    We made a bunch of improvements to Campaigns

    On top of the huge addition of click automations to Campaigns, we made many meaningful improvements to the Campaigns to improve our customers’ experience building automated emails. And the Customer Solutions team was a big part of these improvements, bringing greater awareness of the needs of our customers to the entire AWeber team.

    For example, customers wanted to see what Campaigns would get triggered when a tag was applied using a click automation. Our Customer Solutions team was key in identifying that need and helping us prioritize that.

    We made massive improvements to our Drag and Drop Email Builder

    We asked our customers what they needed from our email builder, and we released several awesome updates, including the ability to easily customize preheader text, a new row element to quickly group and move content around in the editor, and new email layout templates.

    Customers saw huge benefits in the new Drag and Drop Email Builder improvements:

    “I like [the new editor]! 😉 Pretty smooth graphically, and the preheader is the MONEY Bonus! Nicely done ya'll! This is great, solid improvement.”

    - AWeber customer for 2 years

    Read more about the Drag and Drop Editor improvements

    We launched new and improved split testing functionality

    We rebuilt our split testing tool to help you send high-performing, effective emails. And our customers are thrilled with the new split testing functionality:

    “[Split testing] exceeds my expectation. I was expecting A/B testing, but to have the ability to do A/B/C [testing]; just to have that extra variable, it makes a big difference.”

    - AWeber customer for 12 years

    Read more about our split testing improvements

    We introduced 24/7 customer support

    Based primarily on customer feedback (and because we have customers in 196 countries around the world!), we introduced 24/7 customer support. We did this without outsourcing or establishing a satellite office. This allowed us to preserve our award-winning culture and customer support.

    Going 24/7 enables our customers to get as close to real-time solutions as possible. These additional support hours allow us to foster better relationships with our customers.

    Read more about our new 24/7 customer support

    Looking ahead

    We took a fresh, innovative approach last year to the way in which we support our customers. And we’ve got some great things planned in 2019 to continue that positive momentum.

    Creating remarkable experiences is at the core of what we do at AWeber. For us, it’s not just another quote to put on a wall. It’s our way of life.

    Each customer interaction is an opportunity for a unique experience and we make sure each is personable, positive, and memorable.

    See what makes our Customer Solutions team so special. Start your 30-day free trial of AWeber or contact our Customer Solutions team today!

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In order to have
a successful online business, it is very important that you regularly
keep in touch with your customers. One of the ways to do this is to
conduct an effective email marketing campaign for your business. In
order to conduct an effective email marketing campaign, you need to have
the right tools and all the important email marketing tools you need are
easily provided by


GetResponse is a
web based email autoresponder service provider that automates the
task of sending scheduled, follow-up email marketing messages. It has
features like AutoResponder, Marketing, and Statistics Service.
Getresponse has been around for years. This means that its systems are
well developed and the service continues to be popular with thousands of
businesses worldwide.

Target Market

GetResponse is
ideal for everyone who wants to conduct a successful email marketing
campaign. It can perfectly address all your email marketing needs
regardless of the size and scope that you require. It is perfect for
charity organizations, forums, groups and online businesses who wish to
promote various causes and services through email. If you need the
results that effective email marketing services provide, then
GetResponse is perfect for you.


The pricing of
GetResponse services vary according to the number of subscribers you
require and the features that you need. The basic package currently
charges $9.95 for a maximum of 250 subscribers. If you need to add more
subscribers to your campaign, you can easily acquire better plan.

Contents The standard features found in GetResponse are as follows:

  • GetResponse Image Gallery – thousands of gorgeous images and impress
    your subscribers with stunning emails for FREE!
  • Form Builder – Create engaging web forms in just a few clicks! Choose from
    500+ beautiful templates to pick the perfect design for your business.
  • Online Surveys – Ask as many questions as often as you want and get the data
    you need to improve products, target campaigns and stay ahead of the
  • Advanced Segmentation – Combine behavior and location on the fly for
    hyper-targeted campaigns. Quickly and easily group your customers based
    on customer email activity, geography, and profile data collected from
    web forms and surveys.
  • Unlimited Follow Up Messages
  • Social Media Integration – take advantage of social networks.
  • Industry Templates – Choose from over 300 Designer HTML Templates to
    create eye-popping campaigns for every audience and industry.
  • Email Analytics – track every open, click, unsubscribe, and purchase.
  • Split Testing – Get the best results from your email campaign ? test it first!
    Just create up to 5 messages, with different personalization techniques,
    subjects, and styles. GetResponse will test each version for you, then
    automatically select and send the best! It takes only minutes and can
    save you buckets of cash!


With all these tools provided at a very reasonable price,
GetResponse truly is a godsend for people who need to run an email marketing campaign. It is no
wonder this services is utilized by the thousands of leading businesses online.




Email marketing is a very effective method to promote a business online. Thousands of
businesses depend on email marketing in order to promote their products
and services to their customers. Due to this demand, many email
marketing services have appeared online. One of the best services
available in the market today is iContact.


iContact (formerly Intellicontact) is a remotely-hosted complete email marketing
system. It lets you easily publish and track your email newsletters that
you need to send out. The service really provides everything a person or
business needs to run a successful and effective email marketing

Target Market

iContact is
perfect for first time email marketers. While it has features that make
it very useful to experienced and highly skilled email marketers, the
excellent support and knowledge resource provided by iContact makes it
ideal for first time internet marketers. If you need a comprehensive
email marketing system that also has excellent support, iContact is the
right service for you.


iContact maintains different price plans according to the size and scope of your
email marketing needs. They also have a free option that provides the
standard email marketing features you need but with a few limitations.
You can try to use the free version to check out the system and then
move to paid plans if you need more functionality. Paid plans start at
$10 and increase according to the number of subscribers you need.


If you decide to go with iContact for your email marketing needs, you will be able to
enjoy the following features.

  • Over 250 Templates
  • Survey feature with easy to manage results
  • List segmentation
  • Image hosting (which was just made a lot larger)
  • Unlimited number of lists
  • RSS intergration
  • Detailed contact management system
  • Send HTML or text email
  • Import subscribers from your current lists or database
  • Send personalized emails using mail merge fields
  • Create your own mail merge fields for further personalizing
  • Create autoresponder welcome messages on subscription
  • Manage subscription/unsubscribe link automatically inserted in each message you
  • Software is regularly upgraded
  • Detailed activity and subscription reports reports
  • Complete list add/remove/sent/open/click statistics and activity reports
  • Bounce-back email handling – no more dead addresses on your list
  • Deliverability reports
  • Email drafts & archives
  • Fully searchable database
  • Forward-to-a-Friend email feature
  • Wide selection of HTML templates, or create your own
  • Powerful template editor
  • Create, send out, and track the results of surveys to your customers and
  • Great help features and live chat option


With all these
useful features, affording pricing plans and excellent support, iContact
is definitely an excellent service to go with.
With iContact, you can be sure that your email marketing campaign is going to be a success.




When it comes to ar services, deliverability rate is ALMOST the most important criteria. We understand that, and have spent countless hours over a period of more than a year, ensuring the highest possible deliverability rate. It does not stop there either! We have a team who’s sole focus is ensuring we not only maintain, but, improve our deliverability rate!

As important as deliverability is, being able to contact your customer, be it through follow up ar, or broadcast messages, is one of the key reasons for joining a service like Imnica Mail.

We know you want the greatest tools, and easiest way possible to communicate with your subscriber base.

Here at Imnica Mail, ease and power of communicating with your customer is as important as deliverability!

We have spent an incredible amount of time ensuring that we have built in all the features that are essential, but, we have spent a fair bit of time also building tools and features that might not be essential, but, sure is nice to have!

Not only that, but we are CONSTANTLY adding new tools and features! We go out of our way to listen to our customers, and if any new suggestion or request makes sense, it goes into our development plan.

Below you can find a summary of some of the major features.

This list is far from complete, and the best possible way for you to experience all the features and the power of Imnica Mail, is to signup and take advantage of the 30 day fully functional trial for only $1!

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Using an autoresponder can help you keep your product in front of prospects even while you’re giving them the extra information they need before making a purchase. An autoresponder is designed to send out emails automatically to the people on your subscriber list. Traditionally, autoresponders were used to send emails automatically when you’re not available.

However, it’s possible to set up a sequential autoresponder to automatically send out a series of emails at pre-set times. For example, you might want to offer your subscribers a ‘tip of the day’about your product, so you’d set your autoresponder to send out a new tip each day for you. This article will look at some ways you can use an autoresponder to help increase your business.

The biggest benefit of using an autoresponder service is the sense of surety or trust that comes with. All service providers value your business. So they know they must take care of your business with their services. Their equipment is heavy duty and will be able to take care of any volume of mailing. It doesn’t matter how large your list. You can email your lists in various formats, as well. You’ll be able to send a test email which is always a good idea. This feature alone can save you tons of headaches.

In addition to all the other benefits, you’ll also gain a little peace of mind. Not a bad thing to have. No worries about taking care of a large list should you get to that point. All this allows you to be hopeful about your business future, and you’ll have the ability to participate in real automatic marketing. Apart from this, an autoresponder also allows you to customize your email messages so that you are able to interact with your subscribers directly in a conversational tone. You’ll still retain the personal touch with this level of automation. Your emails will seem like they were hand crafted and hand delivered.

It’s no coincidence that all highly successful online businesses use autoresponders and list marketing. Having a plan to always be striving for increasing your customer base should be part of your long term business goals.

If you haven’t tried the new Unlimited Subscribers In Each List yet, now is the time. Do list swaps with other affiliate marketers that lets you conduct a controlled experiment with your sign up forms and messages to help to see which factors make them perform better for your campaigns.

There’s not a marketer on the planet who prefer to pay for something when they can get it free. Free marketing tools are getting better and better

Email marketing doesn’t need to be hard, but if you’re trying to make it
profitable and haven’t a clue – then it will be very tough. Let’s move on and
take a look at the power of email marketing, and what you can do to tap


An example of a simple
autoresponder can be found in email services like Gmail, where you can set your
autoresponder. If you’ve ever sent an email to someone and gotten a fast,
automated reply telling you that they aren’t currently available, that was an
autoreponder message.

Email marketing is an entire subject unto itself, and if you wanted you could
really spend a lot of time learning about it.