Review  for three of the best autoresponders.
We will compare Aweber, GetResponse and Icontact in the comparison chart table





Monthly Pricing Options
Trial $1 for 30 Days No Trial Free Edition Account
Up to 500 Contacts $19 $11.48 Free Edition Account$10.00 (With Full Features)
Up to 1000 Contacts $29 $14.76 $19.00
Up to 2500 Contacts $20.50 $29.00
Up to 5000 Contacts $49 $36.90 $47.00
Up to 10000 Contacts $69 $53.30 $74.00
Up to 25000 Contacts $149 $118.90 $149.00
Contact Management Features
Import Mailing List
Automatically Detect Duplicate Emails
Add Custom Demographic Fields
Require Opt-in
Email Creation Features
Email Setup Wizard
Supports Unicode
Add Images
Add Hyperlinks
Create Plain Text /HTML Messages
Create Messages from Template
Create Web Forms
Image Hosting 100MB 0.5MB
Create Surveys
Email Sending Features
Email Job Scheduling
SPAM Test (Make Sure your Emails Aren’t Spam)
Test Email
Email Reporting Features
Click-Through Tracking
Status of Emails
Forwarded Emails
View Unsubscribed Contacts
Compare Message Reports
Social Media Integration
Conversion Tracking
Integrate with Google Analytics
Technical Support




Building good customer relations is very important for your business. If you regularly
keep in touch with your customers, you can be at a better position to
anticipate and provide for all their needs. If you have your own online
business, the ability to anticipate the needs of your market can
determine the success or failure of your online business endeavor. One
of the best ways to keep in contact with your customers online is
through email. Email communications can help establish good customer
relations because of its personal nature. However, emailing hundreds of
customers can be very difficult if you do it manually. This is where the
Aweber Email Marketing Tools come in.


Aweber is a leading provider of Email marketing tools that enable businesses to
conduct an effective email marketing campaign and stay in touch with
their customers online. The website provides a comprehensive list of
tools that enables businesses to handle all aspects of their email
marketing campaigns and customer relations. These tools are perfect for
all sizes of email marketing campaigns. Many leading online businesses
and thousands of others use Aweber to handle their email marketing

Target Market

Aweber is perfect for all kinds of online businesses who wish to conduct a
successful email marketing campaign. Whether you just want to stay in
touch with your customers or want some means of soft selling your
products or services directly to interested parties, Aweber tools can
let you do this in a fast and efficient manner. Many leading online
business trust Aweber with their email marketing campaigns and there is
no reason why you should not.


Signing up for Aweber service is not expensive. Your first month will only cost $1. For
this price, you will be able to access all the available tools and
resources provided by Aweber. After the first month, if you plan to
continue the service, you can choose from any of the available plans
that will be perfect for all your needs.


By signing up to
the Aweber service, you can be able to get access to the following tools
and services:

  • Email
  • Signup
  • Manage
  • Autoresponders
  • HTML
    Email Templates
  • Blog
  • Email
  • Subscriber Segmentation
  • Email
    Marketing API
  • Email
  • Customer Support

This is pretty
much everything you need to run a successful and effective email
campaign and you can find all this tools in one place.


If you want a
reliable service that perfectly provides for all your email marketing
needs, Aweber is definitely the way to go. From its multi tiered pricing
plans to its comprehensive list of features that enable you to run an
effective campaign, the Aweber service is definitely a very valuable and reliable service.

  • Wed, 06 Dec 2017 18:26:31 +0000: Introducing Push Notifications – Know When Your List Grows - Email Marketing Tips

    Introducing push notifications

    You know that feeling when you get a new subscriber? Or a lot of new subscribers?

    It’s a great feeling. And it’s incredibly motivating.

    It shows that what you’re doing is working. Perhaps your new subscriber loves your content. Or, even better, they’re interested in your product or service. Either way, they opted in to hear from you.

    That deserves a virtual high-five.

    And now you can get that virtual high-five on-the-go with push notifications, included in our latest update to AWeber’s Stats app, available for free on Android and iOS. Keep reading to learn how this update can up your email game:



    Know when your list grows

    The only way to measure your success with email marketing is to measure it!

    You can define your success by high open or click rates, increased traffic and sales from your emails, replies from your subscribers or positive sentiment.

    But one of the best metrics to track is list growth. At the core of email marketing, you’re forming relationships with your prospects and customers, and each new subscriber marks a new relationship that could be profitable for both you and them.

    To celebrate each new connection, use push notifications in AWeber’s Stats app to elect to receive a notification on your mobile device when a new person subscribes.

    Receive a notification when a new subscriber is added.

    Push notifications also lets you keep an eye out for trends. Notice a lot of subscribers opting-in on Mondays or Tuesdays? These might be your high-traffic days. Notice an influx of new subscribers on a typically quiet list? Maybe someone shared your content!

    Knowing when you grow can help you stay motivated, craft a solid strategy that capitalizes on what’s working right now and continue to deliver valuable content to your eager audience.

    Pro-tip: Need help with list growth? Check out our recent List Growth Blueprint free video course.

    Control how often you receive notifications

    Some AWeber users get a few new subscribers a week, while others get a few hundred a day!

    The AWeber Stats app lets you configure your notification settings based on your preferences. Need that instant gratification? Flip your settings to real-time and receive a notification every time a new subscriber is added. Too many notifications? Switch your setting to hourly, or daily.

    Simply enable push notifications in your app, and experiment with whatever settings feel right for you. Learn more about how to configure push notifications.

    Don’t have AWeber Stats yet? Get started today

    Push notifications are shiny and new, but there’s even more to explore in AWeber Stats!

    Here are a few things you can do with Stats:

    • Look at list health with a complete subscriber count and overall open and click rate percentage for sent broadcasts.
    • View your open and click rates on individual one-time emails you've sent, as well as your complaint rates and unsubscribes.
    • Evaluate your open rates for each message in a follow-up series.
    • See your audience at-a-glance by easily viewing a subscriber’s name, email address, avatar (if available,) total opens, total clicks and the date and time of subscription.
    • Learn about your audience in greater detail by tapping a subscriber to see where they signed up, how many broadcasts they’ve received and their open rate and click rate percentages (based on the total messages delivered to their inbox).

    Take advantage of Stats today. Download for Android or iOS, install the app, and enter your AWeber username and password to get an instant overview of the email marketing metrics that matter to you.

    Not using AWeber yet? Try it out free for 30 days.

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  • Mon, 04 Dec 2017 19:24:08 +0000: The Top 7 Questions Everyone Has about Email List Segmentation - Email Marketing Tips

    As a member of AWeber’s award-winning Customer Solutions team, my teammates and I field more than 700 calls, emails and chats from customers every day. We answer questions about account setup, email marketing basics, best practices, content creation and website optimization.

    But one of the most popular topics we’re asked about: segmentation.

    That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about segmenting your list. Let’s take it from the top.

    Want an email service provider with the #1 customer solutions team in the industry? Create your FREE trial account with AWeber today.

    1. What is segmentation?

    Segmentation is the process of separating your subscriber list into smaller, organized subgroups based on their interests, behaviors or characteristics.

    2. Why should I use segmentation?

    Your subscribers aren’t all the same. By segmenting, you can easily send them content they actually care about! This personalization can lead to higher open and click-through rates, lower unsubscribe rates, better deliverability and more conversions than non-segmented lists. In fact, segmented emails can drive up to 77 percent of your overall email ROI, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

    Here’s a simple way to think about it: Your master list of subscribers is a rainbow. Each color — or subgroup — wants to hear from you. However, blue may not want to read the same content as yellow. By segmenting your list, you can send targeted emails just to your blue subgroup or your yellow subgroup. Everyone is happy!

    3. Does segmenting my list mean people will miss out on my content?

    Technically, yes, but that isn’t a bad thing.

    Your subscribers want to be sent content that’s relevant to them. So if they signed up for info about basset hounds, you better not send them content about geckos.

    With segmentation, you no longer have to send generic messages to your email list and cross your fingers that some of your subscribers will be interested. Now, you can craft the right content for the right customers at the right times. Do this well, and it won’t take long for a customer to make a purchase.

    4. How does segmentation help grow my list?

    By separating your list into segments, you get to know and understand your customers. You can track a group’s click-through and open rates. Learn what subject lines a segment liked or hated. Or, figure out the best CTAs (calls to action) that lead to a purchase.

    All this individualized data will help you constantly hone and improve your content for a better customer experience. This helps build your reputation as a subject matter expert and solidifies your relationship with your subscribers.

    It’ll also help you bring in more prospects.

    For instance, you could use segmentation data to create more targeted lead magnets to draw in new subscribers.

    Let’s say you’re a digital marketer with a segmented list for readers who want info on “Facebook advertising.” Whenever you send an email about “Facebook video marketing” to that segment, however, your open and click-through rates go through the roof!

    Armed with this knowledge, you create a free webinar about Facebook video marketing and target people searching for info on Facebook advertising. Now, you’ve tapped into a whole new audience to consume your content.

    5. What information should I use to segment my list?


    You can segment your list using any subscriber data available to you. For instance, you could have a mailing list for people who want to receive messages in iambic pentameter every third Thursday of the month. If those are truly your readers’ preferences, segment away!

    But if you’re just getting started with segmentation, you probably want to break up your master list based on at least one of the following data points:

    • Demographics (age, hometown, location, job, gender)
    • Behaviors (purchase history, opens, click-throughs, website browsing)
    • Interests (hobbies, causes, opinions)
    • Entry point (sign up form, lead magnet, social media)
    • Email preferences (message time and frequency; mobile or desktop)
    • Skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
    • Marketing funnel location (new customer, repeat customer)

    (For even more segmentation options, read 16 Ways to Segment Subscribers and Boost Engagement.)

    At AWeber, we rely heavily on “email preference” segmentation for some of our lead magnets. For example, our customers choose how often they’d like to receive emails during What to Write, a free course that teaches you how to craft engaging automated, survey and sale emails. The course sign up form allows people to select their email frequency:

    When you click on the “How often would you like to receive the lesson emails?” drop down menu, you can choose from the following options:

    Based on what you choose, you’ll receive the seven lessons at different frequencies. That means you can complete the course in three, seven or 14 days, depending on your schedule and time commitment.

    And since subscribers are tagged in AWeber based off their frequency choice on the course sign up form, we can then create segments from those tags and send targeted emails:

    For example, we could send an email exclusively to people who chose to receive one lesson email each day and ask them if they'd like to receive a different daily email course that we offer.

    6. Can I segment my list based on product purchases?

    Yes — and we highly recommend you do.

    Segmentation lets you cross-sell a customer other products they may be interested in. If he or she bought your training guide, follow up with them a few days later to say “thanks.” About a week later, send them a list of other similar training guides they may like.

    You can also upsell. At the time of purchase or right afterward, you can offer “premiums” or “exclusive memberships.” These add-ons increase the average revenue of each sale. The purchase shouldn’t be the end of your transaction with a customer — it should be the beginning.

    7. Can I use segmentation to see who is engaging with my content?

    Yes. In AWeber, you can automatically tag people if they click on a link in a message, open an email or visit an order page. Then, you can build segments based off tags or automatically deliver automated campaigns to subscribers with a specific tag. This lets you send targeted content to people based on where they are in your sales funnel.

    As you start building more complex funnels, a subscriber’s movements can become automated. They may switch from one automation series to another depending on what links they clicked, what emails they opened (or didn’t open) or what products they purchased (or didn’t purchase).

    You can also do this by checking in every few weeks with your customers to keep your segments up to date. Plus, it gives you even more data to work with. I recommend asking questions like:

    • What topic do you want to learn about next: basset hounds or geckos?
    • Do you have any additional questions about X, Y or Z?
    • Are you still enjoying a message from me every day? Yes or No?

    Segmentation is also a great way to see who is not engaging with your content. You can segment out your subscribers who haven’t opened an email in, say, six months with AWeber’s new Open Automations tool. Then you can try to win them back by triggering a re-engagement campaign. After all, it’s a lot less work to reach out to a current subscriber than it is to add a new one.

    To learn more, check out these great examples of re-engagement campaigns.

    Now it’s your turn. Are you using segmentation yet? If yes, how? If not, how do you plan to use it?

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  • Fri, 01 Dec 2017 20:14:54 +0000: The Beginner’s Guide to Making Money with Email Marketing - Email Marketing Tips

    make money email marketing

    When it comes to making money online, the most powerful tool in your arsenal isn’t social media or SEO or paid search ads . . .  

    It’s email.

    Email marketing has the highest conversion rates of any marketing channel. In fact, sixty-six percent of online consumers made a purchase after receiving an email marketing message — which is more than social and direct mail, according to the Data & Marketing Association. And transactions from email are three times more profitable than those made on social media, reports the global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

    Want to start cashing in on the emails you’re sending out? Then follow these seven proven ways to monetize your email marketing.

    How to monetize email marketing

    1. Sell something!

    Already have a product or service to sell? Awesome! Skip this section.

    If not, this is your very first step. Find a physical or digital product or service to sell. Without a product to promote, it’ll be extremely difficult (dare I say, impossible) to make money with your email marketing efforts.

    Not sure what to sell? Here are some ideas to get you started:

    2.  Sell other people’s products

    You don’t always have to sell your products or services to monetize email marketing. Instead, you can be an affiliate for other businesses' products or services. As an affiliate, you get commissions from a business to send traffic to their site and generate sales. 

    Here’s an example of a great affiliate connection: An online business coach offers planning and operations advice to her clients. To help them turn her advice into reality, she recommends affiliate tools — like website hosting services and landing page providers — to serve her clients’ marketing and sales needs.

    Many companies have affiliate programs you can join — like AWeber! You can sign up for our affiliate program here

    One important note: Make sure you have a strong relationship with your subscribers and that you recommend products and services that clearly align with their interests. Otherwise, they may unsubscribe.

    3. Upsell premium or exclusive products

    In my opinion, one of the greatest opportunities for increasing revenue with email marketing is increasing your average transaction amount at the time of purchase a.k.a. upselling.

    Say you’re a life coach. Your main product is an online monthly membership that includes access to a community of users, webinars and a database of resources.

    A potential upsell: exclusive one-on-one coaching sessions. A participant can pick the topic they want you to focus on and ask questions they may not feel comfortable asking in a live webinar in a virtual room filled with other members. Many people will pay top dollar to get this individualized attention.

    Or it can be much simpler than that. If you’re an online personal trainer, you could offer a free downloadable upper-body workout. When someone requests it, they receive an automated email with the download — plus an upsell to a comprehensive 12-week program that guarantees them results.

    Here’s an example from the company Moo. The email tries to upsell customers on their new premium rounded corners feature.

    [caption id="attachment_85800" align="aligncenter" width="680"]make money email marketing source:[/caption]

    4. Cross-sell related products

    Every purchase a customer makes gives you insight into their likes and interests. You can use this info to entice them with other products they may also enjoy.

    In fact, you probably have an email in your inbox right now that reads, “Because you bought this, you might be interested in this.” That’s because online shoppers who get targeted messages based on previous shopping decisions may be more likely to purchase again.

    Here’s an example of a great cross-sell: A digital marketer offers a paid online course called “Learn How to Become a Master at Facebook Advertising.” Once a person completes the course, they're automatically sent an email that cross-sells another course — this time about Facebook video marketing.

    I recommend sending an automated email with additional recommendations approximately one to three weeks after a customer’s initial purchase. It’s super easy to set up targeted, automated email sequences like these in AWeber. Give it a try! Create your FREE account today.

    5. Get repeat purchases

    Along the same lines as cross-selling, you may have a product or service that calls for repeat purchases. Sometimes a friendly reminder email is an effective way to keep bringing in a steady stream of sales.

    This method to monetize email marketing works extremely well for businesses that rely on recurring, seasonal or perishable goods. For instance, a window cleaning service may email a client at the end of every season to remind them to schedule their next appointment.

    Another tip: Throw in a coupon. Offering a person 15 percent off their next cleaning may give them the boost they need to book another session.

    6. Have a cart abandonment plan

    We’re all a bit forgetful, so it’s no surprise that buyers often get distracted or step away from a purchase because they weren’t ready to buy at that moment. But if you’re using an e-commerce platform like WooCommerce, you know what they left behind.

    Now, you can automatically send highly relevant emails encouraging them to buy the product or service they were considering. Customers who received multiple abandoned shopping cart emails are 2.4 times more likely to complete the purchase than those who receive only one followup email, according to Experian. Try sending the first message one day after, a second message 48 hours after, and possibly a third message within three or four days of abandonment.

    Keep cart abandonment emails short. It doesn’t hurt if you inject some humor or personality to catch the reader’s eye. Check out this example from the clothing company Chubbies.

    [caption id="attachment_85801" align="aligncenter" width="667"]monetize email marketing Source:[/caption]

    And this example from the Dollar Shave Club that quickly reminds the person of all the benefits they’re missing out on by not joining.

    [caption id="attachment_85802" align="aligncenter" width="680"]monetize email marketing Source: Really Good Emails[/caption]

    You can even offer relevant information to help address questions or concerns they may have, or highlight your great customer service team. Many companies will throw in a discount to tempt you even further or create urgency with a limited-time offer.

    7. Ask people to spread the love!

    The last tactic I’ll write about is also one of the oldest marketing strategies: word of mouth!

    According to a Nielsen report, 84 percent of consumers say they either completely or somewhat trust recommendations from family, colleagues, and friends about goods and services. That makes personal recommendations the highest ranked source for trustworthiness when it comes to making a purchase.  

    So if you have an engaged, loyal customer base, send emails encouraging them to recommend your products and services to their friends and acquaintances. You can also go a bit further by asking them to give you positive online reviews and to “like” and share your social feeds.

    Think about implementing referral links to incentivize your subscribers to spread awareness about your brand, too. Referral links allow your current customers to promote trackable links for your business. In exchange for sending new paying customers your way, you can give them incentives like discounts, coupons, vouchers, cash, prizes or redeemable points.

    How to close the sale with email

    While all of these tactics are excellent ways to make money using email marketing, they’ll most likely fall flat without some killer email copy or content to win over your potential buyers. Check out our FREE What to Write course. You'll learn how to craft the perfect email for every layer of your funnel, and get 45+ email content templates to copy and paste. 

    Now it’s your turn. How are you using email marketing to sell your products or services?

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  • Wed, 29 Nov 2017 16:15:45 +0000: 5 New Holiday Email Templates Your Readers Will Love to Open - Email Marketing Tips

    holiday email template

    Santa came early for AWeber customers this year. With the help of our design elves, he delivered five shiny, new holiday-themed designs into our template gallery (which already boasts more than 700 options).

    The best part: These festive, mobile-responsive templates utilize AWeber’s Drag and Drop Editor so you can speed up and optimize your email creation. That means you’ll be left with more time to do important stuff — like choosing the perfect ugly sweater for your next holiday party.

    So pour yourself a glass of eggnog and browse the new holiday email templates below. We think Yule love them.

    (Want to use these templates, but you’re not an AWeber customer yet? Create your FREE account now.)

    Holiday email templates


    christmas email template

    christmas email template

    Retro Holiday

    holiday email template

    holiday email template

    Christmas Sweater

    christmas email template

    christmas email template

    Holiday Garland

    holiday email template


    new years email template

    Ready to start sending these holiday email templates? Log into your AWeber account now.

    Also, check out our FREE 2017 holiday GIF guide! Adding GIFs to an email is a clever way to catch your reader’s attention or break up sections of text — both of which can lead to higher rates of engagement and conversion. And did we mention they’re free for everyone? 

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  • Tue, 28 Nov 2017 21:43:20 +0000: Why You Should Delete a Bunch of Your Email Subscribers Right Now - Email Marketing Tips

    clean email list

    You built up your list of subscribers. Now it’s time to remove a bunch of them.

    Cleaning your email list can improve three key metrics: deliverability, open rates and click rates. The better these metrics, the more successful your email marketing campaign will be.

    That’s because a smaller list of engaged subscribers — people who actively read and interact with your content and brand — are more valuable than a larger list of subscribers who never open your content.

    In fact, lists with numerous inactive email addresses typically have higher rates of bounces, spam complaints and unsubscribes than ones that don’t.

    Plus, when you continue to send emails to people who don’t open them, internet service providers — like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo — penalize you. Do this often enough, and your emails may end up in their spam folders, which decreases deliverability to people who actually want to read your content.

    So how often should you clean your email list? It’ll vary from list to list, but a good rule of thumb is every six months — and definitely not longer than a year.

    But wait! Before you delete, do this . . .

    Try a re-engagement campaign to win back inactive subscribers before you clean your email list. It’s a lot less work to reach out to a current subscriber than it is to add a new one. Fourteen percent of subscribers who receive win-back emails open them, according to a survey conducted by ReturnPath, an email deliverability company. That number jumps up to 45 percent for subsequent messages.

    (Check out examples of successful re-engagement campaigns here.)

    The great news: AWeber just launched an Open Automations tool. You can tag subscribers who don’t open your messages, and then automatically trigger a re-engagement campaign.

    Get a full rundown on how to use Open Automations in this video from AWeber’s Product Marketing Manager, Tom Tate:

    How to clean your email list

    If your inactive subscribers still aren’t biting after a re-engagement campaign, it’s time to say goodbye. Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to delete inactive subscribers for all AWeber customers.

    (Not an AWeber customer yet? Create your FREE account today!)

    1. Hover over the Subscribers tab and click Manage Subscribers.

    2. Click the Select Field drop-down menu.

    3. Click No Opens from the select field options.

    4. Now, click the blank field to the right of No Opens and choose the date you'd like to search by. This will allow you to find all your subscribers who have not opened a message since that date. For instance, if you want to see who hasn't opened your message in the last 30 days, choose a date 30 days ago.

    Be sure to include another search term by clicking the + button. Choose Date Added, and
    date is before. Then pick the same date. This will ensure that newer subscribers who may not have gotten to your messages yet won't be lumped together with the rest of the long-time inactives.

    5. Click the Search button, then scroll down to see the list of subscribers who haven't opened your messages since the date you chose.

    6. To delete these subscribers, check the Erase box in the upper left of the list of subscribers to mark them all to be deleted, then click Delete to remove them from your list permanently.

    7. If you have multiple pages of subscribers, you can repeat this process to remove them all.

    Make a mistake? Don’t worry: AWeber’s award-winning customer service team can restore deleted addresses within 30 days. But you should always download your original list into a CSV ahead of time just to keep a record.

    Start cleaning out your email list today. Log into your AWeber account now.

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In order to have
a successful online business, it is very important that you regularly
keep in touch with your customers. One of the ways to do this is to
conduct an effective email marketing campaign for your business. In
order to conduct an effective email marketing campaign, you need to have
the right tools and all the important email marketing tools you need are
easily provided by


GetResponse is a
web based email autoresponder service provider that automates the
task of sending scheduled, follow-up email marketing messages. It has
features like AutoResponder, Marketing, and Statistics Service.
Getresponse has been around for years. This means that its systems are
well developed and the service continues to be popular with thousands of
businesses worldwide.

Target Market

GetResponse is
ideal for everyone who wants to conduct a successful email marketing
campaign. It can perfectly address all your email marketing needs
regardless of the size and scope that you require. It is perfect for
charity organizations, forums, groups and online businesses who wish to
promote various causes and services through email. If you need the
results that effective email marketing services provide, then
GetResponse is perfect for you.


The pricing of
GetResponse services vary according to the number of subscribers you
require and the features that you need. The basic package currently
charges $9.95 for a maximum of 250 subscribers. If you need to add more
subscribers to your campaign, you can easily acquire better plan.

Contents The standard features found in GetResponse are as follows:

  • GetResponse Image Gallery – thousands of gorgeous images and impress
    your subscribers with stunning emails for FREE!
  • Form Builder – Create engaging web forms in just a few clicks! Choose from
    500+ beautiful templates to pick the perfect design for your business.
  • Online Surveys – Ask as many questions as often as you want and get the data
    you need to improve products, target campaigns and stay ahead of the
  • Advanced Segmentation – Combine behavior and location on the fly for
    hyper-targeted campaigns. Quickly and easily group your customers based
    on customer email activity, geography, and profile data collected from
    web forms and surveys.
  • Unlimited Follow Up Messages
  • Social Media Integration – take advantage of social networks.
  • Industry Templates – Choose from over 300 Designer HTML Templates to
    create eye-popping campaigns for every audience and industry.
  • Email Analytics – track every open, click, unsubscribe, and purchase.
  • Split Testing – Get the best results from your email campaign ? test it first!
    Just create up to 5 messages, with different personalization techniques,
    subjects, and styles. GetResponse will test each version for you, then
    automatically select and send the best! It takes only minutes and can
    save you buckets of cash!


With all these tools provided at a very reasonable price,
GetResponse truly is a godsend for people who need to run an email marketing campaign. It is no
wonder this services is utilized by the thousands of leading businesses online.




Email marketing is a very effective method to promote a business online. Thousands of
businesses depend on email marketing in order to promote their products
and services to their customers. Due to this demand, many email
marketing services have appeared online. One of the best services
available in the market today is iContact.


iContact (formerly Intellicontact) is a remotely-hosted complete email marketing
system. It lets you easily publish and track your email newsletters that
you need to send out. The service really provides everything a person or
business needs to run a successful and effective email marketing

Target Market

iContact is
perfect for first time email marketers. While it has features that make
it very useful to experienced and highly skilled email marketers, the
excellent support and knowledge resource provided by iContact makes it
ideal for first time internet marketers. If you need a comprehensive
email marketing system that also has excellent support, iContact is the
right service for you.


iContact maintains different price plans according to the size and scope of your
email marketing needs. They also have a free option that provides the
standard email marketing features you need but with a few limitations.
You can try to use the free version to check out the system and then
move to paid plans if you need more functionality. Paid plans start at
$10 and increase according to the number of subscribers you need.


If you decide to go with iContact for your email marketing needs, you will be able to
enjoy the following features.

  • Over 250 Templates
  • Survey feature with easy to manage results
  • List segmentation
  • Image hosting (which was just made a lot larger)
  • Unlimited number of lists
  • RSS intergration
  • Detailed contact management system
  • Send HTML or text email
  • Import subscribers from your current lists or database
  • Send personalized emails using mail merge fields
  • Create your own mail merge fields for further personalizing
  • Create autoresponder welcome messages on subscription
  • Manage subscription/unsubscribe link automatically inserted in each message you
  • Software is regularly upgraded
  • Detailed activity and subscription reports reports
  • Complete list add/remove/sent/open/click statistics and activity reports
  • Bounce-back email handling – no more dead addresses on your list
  • Deliverability reports
  • Email drafts & archives
  • Fully searchable database
  • Forward-to-a-Friend email feature
  • Wide selection of HTML templates, or create your own
  • Powerful template editor
  • Create, send out, and track the results of surveys to your customers and
  • Great help features and live chat option


With all these
useful features, affording pricing plans and excellent support, iContact
is definitely an excellent service to go with.
With iContact, you can be sure that your email marketing campaign is going to be a success.




When it comes to ar services, deliverability rate is ALMOST the most important criteria. We understand that, and have spent countless hours over a period of more than a year, ensuring the highest possible deliverability rate. It does not stop there either! We have a team who’s sole focus is ensuring we not only maintain, but, improve our deliverability rate!

As important as deliverability is, being able to contact your customer, be it through follow up ar, or broadcast messages, is one of the key reasons for joining a service like Imnica Mail.

We know you want the greatest tools, and easiest way possible to communicate with your subscriber base.

Here at Imnica Mail, ease and power of communicating with your customer is as important as deliverability!

We have spent an incredible amount of time ensuring that we have built in all the features that are essential, but, we have spent a fair bit of time also building tools and features that might not be essential, but, sure is nice to have!

Not only that, but we are CONSTANTLY adding new tools and features! We go out of our way to listen to our customers, and if any new suggestion or request makes sense, it goes into our development plan.

Below you can find a summary of some of the major features.

This list is far from complete, and the best possible way for you to experience all the features and the power of Imnica Mail, is to signup and take advantage of the 30 day fully functional trial for only $1!

Your affiliate link for Imnica Mail is:

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Using an autoresponder can help you keep your product in front of prospects even while you’re giving them the extra information they need before making a purchase. An autoresponder is designed to send out emails automatically to the people on your subscriber list. Traditionally, autoresponders were used to send emails automatically when you’re not available.

However, it’s possible to set up a sequential autoresponder to automatically send out a series of emails at pre-set times. For example, you might want to offer your subscribers a ‘tip of the day’about your product, so you’d set your autoresponder to send out a new tip each day for you. This article will look at some ways you can use an autoresponder to help increase your business.

The biggest benefit of using an autoresponder service is the sense of surety or trust that comes with. All service providers value your business. So they know they must take care of your business with their services. Their equipment is heavy duty and will be able to take care of any volume of mailing. It doesn’t matter how large your list. You can email your lists in various formats, as well. You’ll be able to send a test email which is always a good idea. This feature alone can save you tons of headaches.

In addition to all the other benefits, you’ll also gain a little peace of mind. Not a bad thing to have. No worries about taking care of a large list should you get to that point. All this allows you to be hopeful about your business future, and you’ll have the ability to participate in real automatic marketing. Apart from this, an autoresponder also allows you to customize your email messages so that you are able to interact with your subscribers directly in a conversational tone. You’ll still retain the personal touch with this level of automation. Your emails will seem like they were hand crafted and hand delivered.

It’s no coincidence that all highly successful online businesses use autoresponders and list marketing. Having a plan to always be striving for increasing your customer base should be part of your long term business goals.

If you haven’t tried the new Unlimited Subscribers In Each List yet, now is the time. Do list swaps with other affiliate marketers that lets you conduct a controlled experiment with your sign up forms and messages to help to see which factors make them perform better for your campaigns.

There’s not a marketer on the planet who prefer to pay for something when they can get it free. Free marketing tools are getting better and better

Email marketing doesn’t need to be hard, but if you’re trying to make it
profitable and haven’t a clue – then it will be very tough. Let’s move on and
take a look at the power of email marketing, and what you can do to tap


An example of a simple
autoresponder can be found in email services like Gmail, where you can set your
autoresponder. If you’ve ever sent an email to someone and gotten a fast,
automated reply telling you that they aren’t currently available, that was an
autoreponder message.

Email marketing is an entire subject unto itself, and if you wanted you could
really spend a lot of time learning about it.





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